Your No Poreblem Primer Guide to Healthier Skin

Your No Poreblem Primer Guide to Healthier Skin
Your No Poreblem Primer Guide to Healthier Skin

Your No Poreblem Primer Guide to Healthier Skin : Everyone wants to look good whether it is for the people we are trying to woo, your partner, or your associates to whom you want to seem presentable. Whatever your reason, there are a few challenges that may get in the way of having your perfect instagram look.

And one of these hurdles is reducing the size of your pores into something that will not make you feel conscious whenever anyone is within a foot of you. This article will present no poreblem primer on the best ways that you can manage the size of your pores and make sure that you can be as close to the camera as you want.

Girls will go through great lengths to make sure that their pores are out of sight. And with a plethora of beauty products commercialism has brought you, it has never become as easy to do your beauty regimen the right way – or is it? How to pick out the right products to bring those pore diameters down? These and many other questions are being asked by girls poised to ensure that they do not lag behind on the latest beauty trends.

No Poreblem Primer: First things first

Before anything else, we should first understand where pores come from. While many of us wants to have them ripped off our skins like the ugly things that they are, our body actually has a need for them. They perform an important function other than making our face look like it is riddled with craters when were stressed. And the most important of which is the secretion of sweat and path way for facial hair. But one has to wonder how the pretty models whose facial features seem to defy all human logic. Trust us, there is a way for you to get there, or if not, get as close to it as possible.

Why do we want our pores to be smaller aside from ensuring that our face looks smooth and fresh all the time? Well, for one, bigger pores means dealing with a lot of white heads and black heads. And while, normally, bigger pores do not necessarily mean unhealthy ones, they can become a cesspool of dirt and germs which could then lead to infections and ultimately, turn into the dreaded pimples.

So, without further ado, here are the no poreblem primer guide into the healthier skin that you deserve.

No Poreblem Primer
No Poreblem Primer
  • No Poreblem Primer Tip #1: Avoid the Sebum

    Basically, sebum is an oily substance that is excreted by your face. The perfect face definitely needs less of it but it does not mean that complete lack of it is a good thing. It keeps your skin from being dry by moisturizing it with saturated oxygen. And if your an avid makeup junkie, then the sebum can help you keep the makeup from seeping further into your skin.

    Too much sebum could mean the widening of your pores and even break out in acne. So how exactly does the face excrete more sebum than what is necessary? Here are some of the things that you might want to avoid to make the bad sebum go away.

    Avoid Bad Food

    We have heard it all before and you are going to hear about this again now – for a radiant appearance, eat healthier foods. Not only are greens and other veggies able to fix you up a fairer complexion, but it can also keep you from generating too many sebum that can damage your face. Avoid the bad stuff such as junk foods as they may become triggers that can irritate your face.

    Avoid Stress

    If you are frowny and distraught, it can make you ugly, both immediately, and in the long run. When you are stressed, your emotions will make your skin suffer as is proven by most studies. The chemistry of our nervous system will directly affect how well our skin looks. It is indeed true that girls have certain glows to them whenever something stimulates their brains.

  • No Poreblem Primer Tip #2: Pick Products Wisely

    Part of your path towards that perfect skin that you are craving is picking out the right products that are right for your skin type and your budget. It is important that you keep a healthy amount of stock in your beauty drawer so as to make sure that you do not miss a day of cleansing, exfoliating, or moisturizing.

    When choosing a product the key elements that you have to look out for are zinc and magnesium. Both of these can positively affect the diameter of your pores and thus ensuring you have a clearer and fairer skin. On the ingredients of the product that you are using, look out for lavender or rosemary. Both of these prevent the irritation of your facial skin which would then prevent your pores from becoming too big for comfort.

    Noncomedogenic is key. Always look for this in any label of product for your face that you buy. Basically, it means that the pores on your face will not get blocked as the formulation of the skin care product is specifically designed that it does not. You should still be wary however as this property still greatly depends on the skin type of the one wearing the product.

    And lastly, look out for the ingredient Salicylic Acid which you might have probably already have heard of. It can greatly help out with ensuring that you have a good skin texture plus it has been proven to be able to unclog your pores by way of exfoliating your skin. Retinol or other retinoid based compounds can also help maintain the balance on your face to ensure that your pores look smaller.

  • No Poreblem Primer Tip #3: Keep Your Face Clean

    This has to be one of the most basic tips that you would ever hear from any beauty tip article but it is one that everyone should hear over and over again. While the lot of us already have our beauty routines that usually start with a thorough cleansing of the face, there is much that can be done to make sure that our face remains spot free throughout the day. For one, it is wise to use the kind of makeup that does not burrow deep through your skin.

    It is worth noting however that this is only a temporary solution and would not be completely enough to tighten your pores. As the ultimate face cleaning strategy, you can exfoliate your skin at regular intervals but as been mentioned, this is not a permanent solution.

  • No Poreblem Primer Tip #4: Keep the Sun Away

    The sun is the ultimate source of energy for all life on earth and humankind will be forever grateful for it. However, the raging sunlight is also becoming the ultimate source of all our bad skin days. So much damage can be taken from the sun, especially if you prolong your exposure to it. Whenever you are heading out, make sure that you are wearing enough sunscreen as the heat can disturb your pores and cause them to expand. At the very least, wear a product that offers SPF 30 on a daily basis and more if you are staying at the tropics.

  • No Poreblem Primer Tip #5: Keep Your Skin Dry – but not too Dry

    Keep Your Skin Dry - but not too Dry
    Keep Your Skin Dry – but not too Dry

    Dryer skins, while still undesirable, actually have an edge when we are talking about pore sizes. Normally, dryer skin would have tighter pores compared to ones that are moisturized. This is because the secretion of oil on the skin makes the size of the pores bigger than when you have dry skin.

    If you feel like your face is producing way too much oil, it might be a good idea for you to try on clay-based products. Clay is an excellent ingredient in keeping your face dry enough so you would not have too much excess oil dripping from your pores. Try using a clay mask for a few times in a week and see the difference.

  • No Poreblem Primer Tip #6: Reduce Makeup

    Many makeup companies are making an effort to make sure that the product they are selling does not seep into the skin’s pores. However, it is worth noting that it will never be completely true as make up is essentially something that will try to dig in your facial skin in order for it to last throughout the day.

    Make an effort to reduce makeup usage, such as during the normal work days to allow your face time to breath. Never ever sleep with your makeup on, the skin will normally widen its pores when we are resting to give skin an opportunity to breath.


We all want our faces to have smaller pores and we want to have it as soon as possible. Then this Guide to Healthier Skin is definitely for you. But what we have to know is the path to smaller pores is a conscious and constant effort that we should ingrain into our daily habits. Smaller pores will not come overnight but the good news is, the damage brought upon by bigger pores does not too.




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