How To Always Look Clean And Put Together

How To Always Look Clean And Put Together : Today’s trends in becoming “that girl” looks range from nailing the perfect athleisure look to wearing “clean girl” makeup. Going for subtle but natural looks with your makeup and style is very much in, but it’s actually pretty easy to achieve.

If you’re looking to find ways to look clean and put together each day, here’s our how-to guide.

Wear Clean, Natural Makeup

Influencers like Hailey Bieber have inspired makeup enthusiasts to create clean, natural looks that complement healthy lifestyles through the use of sustainable cosmetic brands.

Partnerships with popular makeup brands are common in the influencer world, naturally reaching the consumer level and inspiring teenagers and young adults to follow the trends. To achieve a natural makeup look, focus on finding makeup supplies that are sustainable, vegan, and cruelty-free.

Makeup that is won’t clog your pores is best, as those with acne-prone skin can avoid breakouts and pimples and still achieve a clean makeup look. Opt for waterproof mascara, wear tinted sunscreen as foundation, and use light-tinted highlighters to create a fresh look with makeup. If you look clean and natural, you’ll always look put together, whether you’re wearing a ball gown or pajama pants.

Follow Minimalist Fashion Trends

To look clean and put together, you want to focus on clothes that remind you of a day at the spa. Think linens, white towels, and sun-kissed skin. If you tend to gravitate toward fashion trends that include these colors in clothing, look for linen pants and button blouses in beige, grey, or black.

Keeping your color tones neutral can also add to the minimalist vibes you’re going for in your looks. Remember, less is more when you want to look like you have your life together.

Get Your Nails Done

Focus on simple, trimmed nails. Unlike last year, short, trimmed nails are now the trending look. Get your nails done every three weeks to keep them in tip-top shape at all times.

Look for colors that reflect the season, but strive for tones that go along with the simple look you’re trying to create. Shimmery tones like metallic silver, gold, and copper are ideal for crisp manicures, but you also can’t go wrong with a timeless french tip.

Classic manicure and pedicure colors like red, pearl white, and pink are also go-to tones for clean and put together nails.

Wear A Slick-back Hair Bun

The slick-back hair bun is a trending hairstyle that creates that “clean girl” aesthetic. Get a moisturizing hair cream that takes care of flyaways to create the ballerina hairdo we all know and love.

Make sure you leave a few natural dangling strands as a face frame. You want to create a balanced shape to your face while still rocking a hairstyle that emphasizes a tightly groomed look.

Use Tanning Creams And Tined Moisturizers

Get a natural-looking tan without the damage of tanning beds by using all-natural tanning lotions and tinted moisturizers. Moisturized skin will give you the appearance that you just got off the beach, sans the sun damage.

Make sure that any tinted moisturizer you use is SPF30 or more, and do not use these tinted moisturizers as a substitute for sunscreen. You still need the real deal to protect your skin effectively from the sun.

Achieve The “Clean Girl” Look

To look put together with your style, you want to focus on minimalism, sustainability, and simple but pretty accessories. Get that clean look by incorporating the above trends into your self-care routines, daily looks, and general style, and you can create a winning look every time.




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How To Always Look Clean And Put Together

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