How to Be the Best in Everything You Do

How to Be the Best in Everything You Do
How to Be the Best in Everything You Do

How to Be the Best in Everything You Do : Life has no limitations except the ones you make. Behavioral studies by Tony Robbins have proven that people are happier when progressing and stepping into milestones. So, don’t let anybody stop you from reaching your goals. And never let anyone else’s insecurities get into you. Instead, focus on how to be the best in everything you do.

  1. Look Good But Own Your Identity

    Physical attractiveness endears people and motivates them to make favorable decisions towards you. This is especially true in the real estate industry, where sales numbers have counted towards prettier people.

    Humans are more irrational than they let on, so don’t just appeal to their thoughts. Appeal to their emotions.

    However, looking good nowadays takes on a whole new meaning. Beauty is about inclusivity, embracing your hair, color, body type, and ethnicity. And complimenting your assets.

    Let your naturally curly hair grow and keep your locks soft and shiny with a good conditioner. Embrace your brown complexion and enrich it with lotions and body oils. Exercise to keep getting in shape and stay healthy, but don’t be disappointed if you’re not getting into the silhouette of Paris Hilton. Instead, expand your ideals to athletes and bodybuilders and embrace everyday bodies.

    Looking good enhances your confidence. However, true power comes from embracing your roots and owning your identity.

  2. Eat Healthy and Enjoy

    A healthy diet is made of fiber, protein, just enough carbs and calories, and fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

    Fortunately, good food is available in nature, and achieving a healthy diet is not only possible. It can also be an enjoyable journey.

    A healthy diet should never be about looking statuesque and pressuring yourself towards unreasonable body expectations caused by heavily photoshopped images. Go after healthy everyday bodies.

    Eating healthy means letting go of or minimizing fast food, extra calories, preservatives, too much sodium, and sugar.

    There is no need to go for fad diets that are often imbalanced and only good for the short-term. Instead, make healthy eating a habit.

    Store fruits and vegetables and plan your meals so that you can rotate your greens and colors. Fruit colors indicate nutrition content, so a multicolored palate is the healthiest one.

    Breakfast can be tricky since you tend to rush during the mornings. Luckily, you can make a real fruit smoothie in 60 seconds.

    Use real fruit puree to get vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants from nature and whey cream proteins to be fuller and powered up in the morning.

    Stock up on two pumpable bottles of fruit purees and a bottle of whey cream protein. Then get yourself a good blender.

    Every morning, mix two pumps of fruit puree, a scoop of whey cream protein, a cup of ice, and 3 oz of water.

  3. Have Enough Sleep

    Adequate sleep is directly proportional to life expectancy. The optimum amount of sleep is seven hours. The less sleep you get, the more likely you’ll die early. However, oversleeping is also linked to poor sleep quality, depression, and the need to recover from illness.

    Good sleep boosts productivity and alertness. It also lowers your stress levels. So if you feel like quitting, try sleeping and eating first.

    Manage your time and tasks throughout the day to be ready for bed early. Avoid caffeine ten hours before sleeping. Create a restful environment with less noise and light pollution and with the right temperature for sleeping.

  4. Plan Ahead

    A successful day comes with a game plan. Put high-value tasks up on the list. Having a plan also keeps you going and motivated. It limits procrastination and keeps low-value tasks from distracting you.

  5. Have a Vision

    One crucial realization you’ll have as an adult is that time, resources, and energy is limited.

    In a sea of distractions, having a vision keeps your sight on the tasks and opportunities that will get you to your goal. Not everything that sparkles is gold. You may have to say no to a lucrative offering if it does not align with your long-term goal.

  6. Keep Good Friends

    You are the company you keep. It’s easy to make the wrong choices when you see people around you making them all the time. It’s human nature to get infected with people’s complacency or negativity.

    Avoid toxic friendships and relationships at all costs. Let go of friends who snide at your success.

    Seek relationships that have a space for nurturing one another towards their goals. An ideal partner should be the wind beneath your wings as you soar high.

    Attract supportive friends by being a supportive friend. If your friend opens a business, be their number one patron.

  7. Exercise

    How to be the best? Make lifestyle changes not just to lose weight but to maintain a healthy weight long-term.

    Set time for simple physical activities like walking around your village. Engage in more physical activities on weekends like going to the gym or playing sports with your family.

    Invite your friends or find friends to become your accountability partners. Hang out in your gym’s smoothie bar and talk to people.

  8. Spend Weekends Meaningfully

    Make your weekends count by going beyond your comfort zone of oversleeping and binge-watching shows. Refresh your mind and nourish your creativity through invigorating hobbies. Take short travels and play sports. Spend time with children and animals. Nurture your relationships.

    Plan your weekend and distribute errands within the week so you don’t use up your weekends for them.

  9. Plan Your Finances

    Debt and towering bills are one the major causes of stress, which, in turn, makes you less happy and productive.

    Live within your means and put your necessities ahead. Plan your meals, rides, essential purchases, and household errands so you can avoid overpaying for convenience.

  10. How to be the best? Keep Learning

    Embrace technologies that enhance productivity. Learn tools that are becoming essential in your industry. Embrace automation so you can stay ahead while making time for family, friends, and health.

  11. Figure Out the Answers

    Avoid overthinking and being held up by fears and insecurities. Be comfortable with the notion that life and business are uncertain and chaotic.

    As the saying goes, cross the bridge when you get there. Otherwise, work hard, keep on learning, and take breaks to be with family and friends.

    Don’t worry about things beyond your control. Just be ready to adapt whenever needed. Be reasonable and knowledgeable but also trust your instincts.

  12. Practice Gratefulness and Positivity

    Every day, you always ask yourself “how to be the best?” But continuously working towards greater goals can be exhausting. Take time to affirm yourself and celebrate small wins.

    Appreciate people for their contribution and value for their time and talents. Keep yourself grounded, knowing that you can’t succeed alone and that great teams do great things.






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How to Be the Best in Everything You Do

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