How To Choose An Oxygen Machine Living On The Plateau?

How To Choose An Oxygen Machine Living On The Plateau? Recently, a netizen asked me in a private message about how to choose a machine for a highland self-driving tour. I saw that few people wrote this article on the Internet. I felt that as an oxygen generator science officer, it is necessary to stand up and write an article to explain.

I write according to the needs of two kinds of people, one is the self-driving people, and the other is the long-term residents.

It is human nature to let oneself free, and to wander oneself. Many people yearn for this kind of freedom in their bones. Most people are forced by life and responsibilities and are trapped in the city, but they still have a dream of freedom in the plateau.

The self-driving crowd is typical of this kind. They belong to a group of people who get rich first. The plain city scenery can no longer meet their needs, so they rush to the plateau in pursuit of beautiful, non-commercial and purely natural scenery.

The environment is beautiful, there is no good support equipment to ensure the comfort of the body, and there is no intention to watch, the plateau oxygen machine is naturally one of the essential materials.

Before choosing a plateau oxygen concentrator, you must first understand some basic knowledge, please read it patiently.

Speaking of the general idea, first understand your body, the power of the oxygen concentrator, and the altitude of the local environment; then choose the corresponding machine and accessories.

  1. Understand the relationship between air oxygen concentration and your body

    Under normal circumstances, the oxygen concentration in the air is 20.7%. Strictly speaking, if the oxygen concentration in the air is lower than this value, it is hypoxia. It depends on the tolerance of each person’s body.

    When the oxygen concentration in the air drops to 16% to 14%, breathing deepens and pulses become stronger, blood pressure rises, and the coordination function of the limbs deteriorates.

    When the oxygen concentration in the air drops to 14% to 10%, there is a sense of fatigue, mental movement disorder, loss of concentration, and mental disorders, like being drunk, and then becoming disoriented and unconscious.

    When the oxygen concentration in the air drops to 10% to 6%, headache, tinnitus, vertigo, nausea, vomiting, and cyanosis occur, the whole body becomes feverish, and the ability to move and speak is lost, and soon loses consciousness and falls into a coma.

    When the oxygen concentration in the air drops below 6%, the blood pressure drops, the heartbeat is weak, convulsions, mouth breathing, stops breathing quickly, and enters a state of death.

  2. Understand the power of the plateau oxygen generator

    Nowadays, there are not many manufacturers of high-altitude oxygen generators. The first has high technical requirements, and the second has low market demand, which is a matter of high investment and low effect.

    Many manufacturers do not produce plateau machines from the perspective of their own input and output development.

    At present, the main manufacturers of plateau machines are Yashi, Turtle, and Altai, which belong to the old manufacturers of plateau machines for a long time.

    Whether the oxygen production from plateau is stable, still needs to wait for the manufacturer’s field test.

    At this time, some readers may ask, what does power have to do with my going to the plateau?

    Of course it does matter. If you live for a long time, you can choose 5-10L power.

    But if you are traveling by car, how much power you have determines the size of your battery. In addition to the oxygen generator, your other accessories are also heavy. Can you fly on the plateau?

    The battery power is small and the machine can’t be used. The oxygen generator you buy is equivalent to a display. It is better not to buy it.

  3. Know the altitude of the place you are going

    In the first section, I talked about the relationship with the human body from the oxygen concentration of the air. In addition to the altitude related to the oxygen concentration of the air and the body, it is also related to the performance of the oxygen concentrator.

    The higher the altitude, the thinner the air and the weaker the body’s endurance.

    We cannot change the oxygen concentration in the air. It is a very long process to enhance personal physical fitness.

    Only the oxygen generator is an industrialized product. After knowing the altitude of the destination, you can select the corresponding product. It is the fastest and the best way to increase oxygen immediately.

    For example, the turtle V5-NS prototype, at an altitude of 4850 meters, the oxygen concentration is maintained at 91.1%. After knowing this data, as long as the altitude is within 5000 meters, we can directly select this machine.

    If you want to go to a height of more than 5000 meters, choose Ya Shi Newlife Intensity 10, the turtle prototype 10L-HG10.

  4. Understand the common car battery power on the market

    This chapter has a lot to do with the owner of the self-driving tour, so you don’t need to read it for non-self-driving tours.

    Review 1: The physical formula when reading, power (W) = current (AH) * voltage (V)

    Review 2: The power range of the plateau oxygen generator is 450W-650W.

    Can the battery in our car drive this range of oxygen generators?

    In order to answer this question, I investigated the battery power of several common self-driving cars for your reference.

    The battery’s operating temperature is directly proportional to the available capacity. Starting from the best operating temperature of 25 degrees, the available capacity decreases by about 0.8% for every 1 degree decrease, and the capacity will be restored when the temperature rises.

    Let me directly take the data of halving the battery capacity as an example. We can see that the battery that comes with the car cannot meet the demand of the plateau oxygen generator.

    Even if your car is a motorhome, the battery power is large enough to drive the oxygen generator, but it cannot meet the needs of moving the machine.

    People who go to self-driving tours have experienced it. People often separate 50 meters from the car and camp, barbecue, and entertain in an open place.

    Therefore, if it is a self-driving tour, an external battery must be equipped.

  5. What size battery is suitable

    As mentioned earlier, the power of the plateau oxygen generator is 480W-590W

    Let me take a 480W oxygen generator as an example, how big a battery is needed.

    If you need to inhale oxygen on the plateau for 5 hours, then you need a 2400W battery capacity.

    If you need to inhale oxygen for 2 hours on the plateau, then you need a 960W battery capacity

    Same at other times

    In order to answer your questions about batteries, I specifically asked people in the battery industry to get the following data.

    About charging: it can be charged in the car or at home.

    Take 2000W battery capacity for example
    – Car charging: while driving, charging at the same time, continuous charging can be fully charged for 24 hours.
    – Household charging: when the voltage is 220V, it can be fully charged in 11.5 hours.
    – Solar charging: This can be ignored due to the long time.

    Battery size: the size of a portable suitcase

    Battery weight: about 17KG

    Battery type: lithium battery

    The principle of choosing a battery is to choose the big or not the small. After all, with a big power source, in addition to oxygen, you can also cook rice and noodles.






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How To Choose An Oxygen Machine Living On The Plateau?

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