How To Combine Fitness With Your Career Goals

How To Combine Fitness With Your Career Goals : When we think about fitness careers, jobs including personal trainer and coaching often come to mind. However, there are many more ways of blending a passion for fitness with a satisfying career – continue reading to find out more.

Personal Trainer

Okay, so we’re starting with the typical fitness career. Personal trainers often work on commission, and their rates will depend on their experience and the services offered. Creating a healthy clientele list is challenging but will be rewarding when it’s done. As an independent personal trainer, you can earn around $50k at the higher end.

Personal training can be carried out independently or in partnership with a gym. For trainers working at gyms, they will receive a cut of the total charge per session. For example, if a health club charges $50 for a session, the trainer will receive around $25.

Fitness Nurse

Fitness nursing is a relatively new field that has many different branches, including sports medicine, and cardiac rehabilitation. Typically, fitness nurses need to be in excellent shape and have an extensive understanding of sports injuries, cardiac arrest recovery, and sports medicine techniques.

For registered nurses with an interest in fitness, completing one of the online available ADN to NP programs will be a great route into fitness nursing. You will learn the highest tier of nursing, which will include management techniques. What’s great about such nursing programs is the versatility, which means you can choose to specialize in fitness but have the flexibility to explore other areas of nursing in the future.


Squeezing in essential exercise is only one side of the coin when it comes to staying healthy; we also need to eat well. Dieticians are experts in starting and maintaining a balanced diet, and they guide people on their journey to staying fit. By educating others, dieticians will set goals and keep people accountable.

Becoming a dietician will require extensive knowledge of healthy eating as well as the ability to inspire other people. You can carry out the work privately, which will mean building up a client list, or you can attach yourself to a clinic for an easier route.


Loving sports doesn’t mean you enjoy getting dirty on the field, which is why being a referee might be the perfect role for a fitness fanatic. You will need to understand the rules of your chosen sport inside out, and your role will be to enforce them to the letter.

Entering the world of recreational refereeing will be the best place to start; many colleges and schools are great places to gain employment. To become a referee for televised games, you will need significant experience and likely need to take a course for your chosen sport.


Coaching is a great way to share your passion for fitness with others, as it literally means “to guide”. You don’t need to be attached to an elite team to consider yourself a coach. Starting in this career will likely mean attaching yourself to a youth club.

The majority of positions for coaches are part-time, and they aren’t always paid. Therefore, if you want to get paid early on, you are best finding a college to work alongside. That being said, if you love sport and don’t mind taking a cut in pay, coaching will be the perfect career for you.

Fitness Director

A fitness director will have a slightly different role depending on the facility they’re associated with. For example, some fitness directors only need to manage classes and keep equipment maintained. However, for the most part, fitness directors are responsible for dividing work between personal assistants.

When it comes to salary, the rate of pay will be directly associated with the level of work assigned to the fitness director, with the higher end hitting around $42k per year.

Sports Reporter

If you’re a writer with a heavy interest in sports, you can enter the world of sports reporting. You can start with covering local matches and delivering regular news on a blog, or with a newspaper. You will need to decide which facts to present to the fans and interpret matches into the written word. As part of your role, you will need to carry out interviews and attend games to offer live updates.


Having an interest in fitness doesn’t mean you need to become a personal trainer, and there are countless ways you can share your passion, even if you don’t enjoy being active on the pitch. You will need to put hard work into a career in fitness, but you can receive enormous benefits if you tread the right path.



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How To Combine Fitness With Your Career Goals

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