How to Crack Your Back Safely

How to Crack Your Back Safely : Approximately 80 percent of all adults experience low back pain at some point in their life. While this is true, many never seek professional care for this problem. Instead, they rely on self-care, such as cracking their own back.

If you crack your back to help ease pain, or just because it feels good, doing it safely is crucial. Keep reading for some helpful tips on how to crack your back safely.

Cracking Your Back Defined

Before diving into how to crack your back safely, it’s a good idea to know exactly what you are doing when you hear that “pop” sound. When cracking your back, you aren’t literally “cracking” your back.

Nothing will break, split, or come apart. This is a non-clinical term that involves an action or maneuver that leads to a popping sound.

The maneuvers used to create this sound include leaning backward or forward, bending, or twisting. The popping sound you hear is the movement of air pockets in the joints. It’s the maneuvers, rather than the popping sound, that help alleviate the pain or discomfort your fee.

Why Does Cracking Your Back Help with Pain and Discomfort?

If you feel like you need to crack your back, the problem is likely misaligned joints that have affected the surrounding area. If joint restrictions exist, the surrounding muscles will tighten in that region. This increases overall stiffness.

Improving the motion of your joints by cracking your back can reduce stiffness and improve overall muscle tension.

Risks Associated with Cracking Your Back

Cracking your back isn’t risky when a professional does it. Unfortunately, if you do this on your own, too much, it may cause hypermobility in their joints, which may lead to more pain and result in more vulnerability in the joints.

It’s also dangerous to have someone help you crack your back. If a non-trained person helps with the process, they may twist, push, or pull too hard, causing a muscle injury.

Having someone stand or walk on your back is also dangerous. If too much weight is focused on a small area of the body, it can lead to a pelvic organ or abdominal injury, spine fractures, or back muscle injury. Remember, you nor your friend (or another helper) knows the inner working of your body like a doctor.

Helping with low back pain is just one of the conditions that chiropractors treat, and if your pain is severe or consistent, seeking their care is best.

How to Crack Your Back Safely

From time to time, cracking your back on your own can help alleviate pain and discomfort. However, it’s essential to do it properly.

Some of the safest methods to use when trying to crack your back include:

Back-of-Chair Stretch

This method works just as the name implies. The steps to do this include:

  • Sit in a chair
  • Position your shoulder blades over the top
  • Interlace fingers behind the head
  • Lean back
  • Relax

It’s important to continue leaning back over the top edge of the solid back chair until you hear or feel your back crack. You can experiment with different heights by moving your back up and down.

The Chair Twist

This method also involves a chair, too. Sit in a chair and reach your right arm across your body. Hold on to the left side of the chair while in this position. You should place your right hand on the chair’s seat or the outside of your left leg.

Lift your left arm behind you and hook it over the back of your chair. Slowly twist your upper body to the left as far as you can. Be sure to keep your feet, legs, and hips facing forward.

Repeat the process on the opposite side. Make sure the twist begins at the base of your spine. You should feel the twist in your middle and lower back.

Standing Spinal Rotation

In a standing position, extend your arms in front of your body. Slowly turn your upper body to the right while keeping your feet and hips facing forward.

Return to the center and then twist the other direction. Repeat the movement several times until you hear your back crack or until your back feels looser.

You can use your arm’s momentum to help guide the movement.

An Upward Stretch

This move is simple but effective. Begin in a standing position and interlace your fingers behind your head.

Slowly extend your spine in an upward motion while arching backward. During this motion, try to press your head into your hands, as this helps to create resistance.

Try to remain in this position for 10 to 20 seconds. Remember, you need to breathe through the entire process – don’t hold your breath.

How to Crack Your Back: Proceed with Caution

If you want to learn how to crack your back safely and avoid any damage or injury to your muscles or joints, use the tips and methods found here. Remember though, if your condition persists or gets worse, the best thing you can do is go to a chiropractor.

They can find the underlying problem and ensure that you are treated properly. This will help alleviate your pain for good.

For more helpful information on women’s health, fitness, and well-being, be sure to check out our blog regularly. We are dedicated to providing you with the information and resources you need to stay fit and healthy throughout life.





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How to Crack Your Back Safely

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