How to Get a Glowing Summer Skin in 5 Easy Steps

How to Get a Glowing Summer Skin in 5 Easy Steps : Good skin equals good health. The skin is one of the most important parts of the human body because it keeps external germs and infections from penetrating the inner layers. Taking care of your skin is therefore vital for maintaining optimal health, but also for achieving a pleasant appearance.

Over winter, you may notice that your skin has undergone a significant changing process. This is a condition known as “Environmentally stressed skin.” Some of the effects of winter that you may be experiencing are:

  • Dehydration
  • Increased skin sensitivity
  • Itchy skin or readily reactive skin
  • Thirsty rashes that can’t seem to be improved by a moisturizer
  • Accelerated aging lines


Your body may have suffered considerably over the winter, but this does not have to carry on into the summer. Here are some helpful tips that will ensure you get a perfect glowing skin:


1. Drink water

Your body is 64% water, therefore drinking plenty of water should be a natural first step to achieving a healthy-looking skin. If your body does not get sufficient water, this directly affects your skin, as wrinkles and pores end up taking more prominence. Water indeed makes a huge difference when it comes to the skin.

It helps reduce the toxins that affect the skin and assists to transport oxygen and nutrients to skin cells, preventing dehydration, which causes premature aging. For that extra glowing post-winter skin, make sure to drink 6-8 glasses of water each day. If you find it difficult to take in this much amount, you can add a little flavor to it by throwing in a slice of cucumber or orange.


2. Use sunscreen

You may have heard this over again, but the importance of sunscreen cannot be stressed enough. Sun exposure may cause pre-cancerous and cancerous skin lesions, mottled pigmentation, as well as ninety percent of the wrinkles on the skin. So, why fix the damage that has already been done if you can avoid it altogether? Don’t just use any sunscreen – use a powerful sunscreen. Look for a good product that will offer protection against UVA rays, which are linked to premature aging, and against UVB rays, which have been linked to skin cancer.


3. Moisturize

Drinking water is not enough. You need to slather on the moisturizer daily to maintain the water content of your skin. Moisturizers strengthen your skin barrier and slow down the loss of water by the skin through superficial layers. You need to be aware of how dry your skin is and how important it is to always keep it moist. For those with sensitive skin, try products containing “ceramides”, which are one of the three fat or lipid types in the skin. Moisturizers keep the skin properly moisturized and improve its tone and texture.


4. Exfoliate

Exfoliation means removing dead skin cells from the skin’s surface. The older we get, the slower the process of call generation gets. When the old cells start to pile up on the skin surface, it leaves the skin with a dry, dull and rough appearance. This buildup of skin cells may also lead to excess oil and clogged up pores, which may cause acne and blemishes. If glowing summer skin is your target, then proper exfoliation is a must. It removes the dead skin cell barrier and paves the way for fresh new cells. This opens up the way for your moisturizer to penetrate the skin deeper.


5. Get a good night’s sleep

As trivial as it may sound, a good night’s sleep is a must in ensuring a glowing summer skin. Beauty sleep is not a myth. As you snooze, the skin makes new collagen, which prevents sagging. The more collagen you have, the less likely your skin will wrinkle. The body increases the blood flow to the skin while you sleep, which makes you wake up with a healthy glow. Sleep deprivation can cause a decrease in blood flow to the skin that surrounds your face. Therefore, if you want your summer skin looking flawless, you should make sure you get a good amount of snooze.



Your skin may have suffered under the brunt of winter, but not all hope is lost. It is still possible to get that perfect glowing summer skin, but equally important is sticking to a routine and maintaining healthy practices. Achieving healthy skin over the summer does not mean you should abandon everything once winter checks in and repeat the process again. Sunscreen is important even during the winter. Moisturizing and exfoliating are even more crucial in the cold months. Keep the water intake up and do get some rest. Having flawless skin over the summer is great but having fabulous skin throughout the year is even better!


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How to Get a Glowing Summer Skin in 5 Easy Steps
How to Get a Glowing Summer Skin in 5 Easy Steps
How to Get a Glowing Summer Skin in 5 Easy Steps
How to Get a Glowing Summer Skin in 5 Easy Steps
How to Get a Glowing Summer Skin in 5 Easy Steps
How to Get a Glowing Summer Skin in 5 Easy Steps




How to Get a Glowing Summer Skin in 5 Easy Steps

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