How To Get Your Self-Care Routine On Track And You Back To Your Best This Fall

How To Get Your Self-Care Routine On Track And You Back To Your Best This Fall : Summer was busy, what with all the fun options that were finally available to us again.  Restaurants, patios, clubs back in full swing after two years of covid safety measures putting a damper on things. Not to mention travel was back – finally!

If you’re anything like me, then you may not have had as much time as you needed to give your body the love it deserves. That’s why I’m hoping you’ll join me in getting your self-care routine back on track. You may want to look at having a cosmetic or wellness treatment at a registered cosmetic company like Refresh Wellness to pamper yourself and start your wellness journey. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Keep reading for my favourite ways to get back to your best, both mentally and physically.

Revamp your skincare routine

Great skin is the foundation of your outward facing beauty. We all strive for a clear and vibrant complexion, so you’ll need to look after a few things.

Get your skin cleansing routine going and you’re well on your way. A pH balanced facial soap that won’t dry you out is your skins best friend.

Next comes exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and clear up clogged pores.  A chemical exfoliant is your best bet in this regard.

Youthful skin is all about your moisture barrier, as it keeps impurities out, skin looking fresh and lets any damage start to heal.  So finally, adding a daily moisturizer with minimum SPF of 15 is the best recommendation.

Face rolling isn’t a fad

There is no better way to relieve tension and boost circulation than using a face roller.  It works like this:

Purchase face roller tool, either a gua sha stone or a purpose-built face roller.

Using an oil of your choice for lubrication, use your chosen tool in upwards sweeping motion along your cheekbone, up around your eye sockets and under your jawbone.

Rinse with water or use your mild facial soap, followed by your facial moisturizer for best results.

Take your eyelashes to the next level

We all know the power of a full lash, but think about achieving it without using mascara.  At least make sure you’re giving your lashes the nourishment they deserve by applying an oil that’s high in fatty acids at night time for the ultimate in lash hydration.

Get your dentist to boost your smile

Yes, it’s probably old news by now, but nothing changes your look like a radiant smile.  To get a significant boost of self confidence, speak to your cosmetic dentist about a teeth whitening appointment next time you’re in for a cleaning or checkup. It’s really a simple way to enhance your look and make your smile even more magnetic.

Keep your brows in check

Eyebrow neglect is too easy of a trap to fall into – we’ve all done it.  Then when you go for a threading, or spend some time plucking delicately, you’re amazed at how much this simple process polishes the look of your face. Waxing, threading, plucking or microblading – the choice is up to you but the results are worth it.

Head to the salon for a new hairstyle

Looking to spice up your look? Make an appointment with your hairdresser and ask them to give you a new look. It might be a little nerve wracking, but if it works out (and it will) you’ll be glad you took the risk. There’s not much that can call attention to your beauty quite like a new hairstyle, so I say go for it girl!

Put some work into your body

This is a bit of a blanket term but looking good is a major part of feeling good. To that end, think about enrolling at a local gym, taking the time to go on a daily walk or run, working on your posture (no social media slouching) or even get a tan. You’ll not only look and feel great, but you’ll also be healthier and will gain lasting results.

Time for a manicure and pedicure

I might be preaching to the choir here, but if your nails are a mess then it doesn’t matter what you’re doing with the rest. Luckily, a manicure/pedicure appointment is easy to acquire in any city worth its salt. You don’t necessarily need nail polish, but a quality trim and shaping is an absolute must. Looked after nails do a world of wonder for your overall look.

Change your mindset

If you’re feeling a bit in a slump, then you need to snap out of it.  A great way to help turn the corner is to delve into yourself mentally and focus on things that need rethinking. This could mean letting go of the past, setting new and attainable goals, organizing your thoughts (and your life) and focusing on yourself and your new care routine. Just get the ball rolling and you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel and how quickly you’ll be having fun again.

We hope this list of ways to get back to your best has been helpful and that you’ve gotten some ideas to add to your self-care routine. Remember, taking time for you is important – you’ll thank yourself later.




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How To Get Your Self-Care Routine On Track And You Back To Your Best This Fall

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