How to Keep the Holiday Weight Gain at Bay

How to Keep the Holiday Weight Gain at Bay : The holiday season is right around the corner. It’s that time of the year for merry songs, gifts, visits from relatives…and holiday weight gain.

Yes, that bit is true. Studies show that people can gain as much as 2 pounds during the holidays. That might not seem like a lot, but most people run into trouble burning it off.

That extra weight builds up and you’ll earn another 2 pounds next year.

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid gaining weight over the holidays and still have a good time. Read on for our tips on staying fit.

  1. Small Plates

    One of the most common tips to avoid holiday weight gain is to control your diet. That’s easier said than done, however. Fortunately, there’s a neat workaround to trick your mind and still feel like you’re full.

    Whenever you’re at holiday dinners and parties, use the smallest plate available. Don’t stack your food and only get enough to fill the plate.

    Using a small plate this way fools your brain. It looks like you took a lot of food. You’ll feel full because your mind assumes you ate more than you did.

  2. Drink Water Before Attending Parties

    Don’t go to a Christmas or New Year’s Eve party with an empty stomach. Instead, drink a glass or two of water right before you head out.

    Water keeps you full. This naturally limits how much food you can eat at a party. At the very least, you won’t feel bad because you won’t be hungry.

    Drinking more water also helps flush out toxins and other fattening content in your body. It helps your body absorb the nutrients needed to function and burns off calories too.

    If you want to have more, eat at home before you go out. This ensures you can fill your tummy with healthy snacks instead of the fattening options at your destination.

  3. Get Moving

    Did you eat more than needed? Did you take a few extra bites out of dessert or have a few extra drinks?

    The best solution is to get moving. Make it a habit to exercise and do cardio routines in the morning. You don’t have to overdo it; a brisk walk can get the job done. Depending on your holiday of choice, light exercise might come along with the holiday activities. Wings Whitsundays Tours advises that activities like swimming and snorkelling will keep you active throughout your holiday, so planning your experiences with being active in mind will unknowingly assist in this area.

    If you live in a small apartment and can’t run and jump, there are a few other options. Visit a gym if there’s one nearby or get a treadmill. For people into video games, there are cardio games like Wii Fit and the upcoming RingFit Adventure for the Nintendo Switch.

  4. Control Your Alcohol Consumption

    Beer, wine, and other liquor are your worst enemies when it comes to managing your weight. They’re filled to the brim with calories, meaning you have to work out excessively to burn the effects off.

    You don’t have to avoid them entirely, but you should control how much you drink. A single shot of hard liquor or one bottle of beer is enough for the night. If you have to stick around, shift to drinking water.

  5. Three-Bite Rule With Desserts

    Nobody wants to say no to desserts, especially during fun holiday events. You don’t have to push them away, but you should learn to control how many desserts you eat.

    Follow the three-bite rule.

    Use the first bite to test the dessert and let its flavor wash over you. Use the second bite to savor the taste; this is when you should enjoy the dessert the most. Keep your third bite a bit small, allowing the flavor to linger in your mouth and satisfy you without forcing you to get another serving.

  6. Socialize

    Remember: holiday dinners and parties aren’t solely for the food and drinks. You’re there to socialize, so go around and spend time chatting with the people around you. This helps take your mind off the food.

    Avoid the circles where everyone has a glass of wine or a bunch of snacks. You might get reeled in to eat with them. If you can, stick with people who know you’re trying to stay fit.

  7. Weigh Yourself

    Get a scale and weigh yourself twice a week. Do this at the beginning of the week and then again during the middle of the week. This helps you check if you’re sticking to your weight-watching plan or not.

    That said, there is the danger of overdoing this. Don’t let the scale dictate your life and daily routines.

    Sure, you might want to fit into those cute, unique bikinis, but obsessing over your weight could cause more harm. You might start thinking you’re overweight and avoid eating entirely, leading to anorexia.

    When you don’t need the scale, keep it stashed away. Bring it out only on those two scheduled days. Even then, only weigh yourself once or twice and then put it back away.

  8. Limit Your Taste-Tests

    Are you the one preparing dinner or a party for the holidays? You run the risk of eating too much before dinner even begins. Yes, we’re referring to taste-testing too much.

    Keep in mind you don’t have to eat a spoonful each time you’re testing your recipe. A quick sip or a tiny bite is all you need. If possible, taste-test only three times per recipe.

  9. You Can Say No

    There will always be people offering you more food and drinks, especially at a holiday party. At some point, you’ll have to say no. The good news is there’s nothing wrong with turning down an offer.

    Don’t worry that it might seem rude. You can say no in a polite manner. Tell the host or your friends that the food’s delicious, but you’ve had your fill.

Stay Fit and Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Steering clear of holiday weight gain isn’t as difficult as some people assume. You simply have to remain vigilant of what you do and eat. Make it a habit to plan ahead, drink water, and do a few workarounds to enjoy your meals without overeating.

But these aren’t the only tips to stay fit and healthy. Why not check out our other posts right here to discover new tips and tricks today?






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How to Keep the Holiday Weight Gain at Bay

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