How to Regain a Healthy Body After Breast Cancer Treatment

How to Regain a Healthy Body After Breast Cancer Treatment
How to Regain a Healthy Body After Breast Cancer Treatment

How to Regain a Healthy Body After Breast Cancer Treatment : Getting treated for breast cancer can cause a lot of stress to the body, and patients undergoing it must make their health a top priority.

Staying healthy after cancer treatment is crucial, as you will need to keep up your strength in order to accelerate the healing process, while reducing the risk of relapse. Here, our focus will be on how to regain a healthy body after breast cancer treatment.

Side Effects of Breast Cancer Treatment

Radiation and chemotherapy treatments will destroy breast cancer cells, but they will also affect healthy cells. These treatments may change the way you feel in adverse ways. For instance, you may notice a reduced range in motion. You may also experience acute or chronic fatigue and weakness after having undergone treatment.

You may experience pain in your shoulder, neck, arm, back, or chest. Lymphedema, mouth sores, diarrhea, weight loss, nausea, vomiting, hair loss, and loss of appetite are also common side effects of radiation and chemotherapy.

How to Recover From Breast Cancer Treatment

Even with recent advances, many people who undergo treatments for breast cancer will become physically and mentally exhausted. Therefore, they will need ample time in order to heal from their therapies.

A healthy and balanced diet, as well as abstaining from drug and alcohol use, will help accelerate the healing process. Exercising regularly will also help boost energy levels and increase your appetite.

For example, physiotherapy can help prevent lymphedema. If you are concerned about developing lymphedema, then contacting a specialized physiotherapist who works with cancer patients may benefit you greatly. Regular exercise will also strengthen your immune system. Aerobic sports and nordic walking will elevate your mood and distract you from anxiety, stress, and physical pain.

Healthy Lifestyle for Breast Cancer Survivors

Everyone, regardless of their current health, can gain from living a healthy lifestyle. Making simple lifestyle changes will benefit a person, both mentally and physically, at any age. In order to live a healthy lifestyle, though, you will need to maintain a healthy weight. Your body mass index should be ideal for your height and gender if possible. A wholesome diet is also paramount.

Avoid processed food, and eat as many leafy greens and fruits as you can. Reduce dairy and meat consumption, while eating grains, fish, nuts, and other foods that are rich in Omega fatty acids.

Alcohol should be reduced or avoided altogether. If you are a smoker, then you should try and quit as soon as possible, as smoking has been linked to many different forms of cancer including mouth, throat, and lung cancer.

According to the expert oncologist, Dr Sandra Krishnan physical activity is also very important after breast cancer treatment. Join a gym if you can, and engage in team sports in order to get a workout while socializing with loved ones. Mental health is also something that should not be ignored, as stress, anxiety, and depression will hinder your immune system, and demotivate you to exercise.

Many people who are depressed may turn to drugs, alcohol, unhealthy comfort food, and other risky behaviours in order to try and cope. If you are feeling depressed or anxious about your cancer, or are worried that it may return, then you should consider joining a cancer support group.

Speaking to a therapist or counselor may help you cope with your diagnosis or your post-cancer life. Aromatherapy, music, mediation, yoga, and traveling (if you have been medically cleared for travel) may also elevate your mood.

In some cases, your doctor will recommend medication, such as anti-anxiety or antidepressant medications, in order to help treat your anxiety or depression. The end goal is to return to your pre-cancer lifestyle as soon as possible; therefore, you should not hesitate to ask others to help you reach your goal.

There is Always Hope

A healthy lifestyle should be your top priority, regardless of your present health status. Daily exercise, a healthy diet, regular checkups, and living a straight-edge lifestyle will benefit you through every stage of your life.

Cancer survivors, in particular, must take very good care of their mental and physical wellbeing in order to quickly return to a pre-cancer standard of life. Having a positive outlook on life will help, and working closely with your team of doctors, dietitians, physical trainers, physiotherapists, and counsellors will drastically reduce the risk of your cancer returning in the future.






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How to Regain a Healthy Body After Breast Cancer Treatment

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