How to Stay Strong and Face Your Adversity?

How to Stay Strong and Face Your Adversity?
How to Stay Strong and Face Your Adversity?

How to Stay Strong and Face Your Adversity? Unpleasant or difficult situations are something no one wants to deal with. Adversity, though, is part and parcel of life. Facing adversity is often termed as a blessing in disguise. Why is it so? Suffering is unavoidable, so the next best things you can do is gracefully and courageously stand tall in the face of suffering, turn it to your advantage and find the path forward.

Why Stay Strong In The Face of Adversity?

When adversity strikes, it is your true character that shows up to the occasion. You could treat adversity as a challenge and look to grow from it. You cannot control external situations, but you can control your perspective, attitude, and how you manage the situation.

It requires courage to keep going in the face of adversity. It might not seem at the time, but adversity will push you beyond your comfort zone and kindle your self-growth process. Your story could also inspire people around you and provide them with the strength to keep going at their battles.

Understandably, these things are easier said than done. Let us look at different ways of how you can stand tall when adversity befalls.

How to Stay Strong and Face Your Adversity?


When adversity strikes, it is human nature to go into the self-denial mode. Your brain is trying to comprehend the situation and all you want is to return to a previous state where everything was fine. This approach could negatively hamper the way you handle the problem, and your emotions could get the better of you. Accepting your current situation will help you gain a clear perspective of what should be done next.

Focus on Yourself

When things start going awry, it is easy to lose focus, lose yourself, and let the situation dictate your life. When facing adversity, you cannot control the situation, but you sure can focus on yourself. You can look at adversity as obstacles or opportunities to nurture yourself and grow. Try to look at the situation from a practical perspective and focus on what you can do, even if limited, for the time being.

Don’t Let Thoughts Overwhelm You

The human brain is capable of creating thousands of thoughts in a day. Even while reading this article, your brain is creating thoughts irrelevant to the topic. 80% of these thoughts tend to be harmful, and if left unattended, they can run amuck in your mind resulting in low confidence, low self-esteem, or inability to make decisions.

Take control of your thoughts, interrupt negative thoughts, and replace them with positive affirmations.


Meditation is the practice of combining both mind and body. It helps one relax, gain clarity, and re-energize oneself to cope with the uncertainties of life. If you are ruled by emotions such as fear and anxiety, adversity could leave you feeling paralyzed and incapable of handling the situation.

Meditation could help you manage your emotions better. It is not a quick solution for your problems but a practice that you need to build into your routine and consistently give it time.

Reach Out For Help

If you find yourself drowning in adversity, seek help. Talk to your family or friends. If possible, reach out to a therapist. Talk therapy is a powerful tool used by therapists and psychologists all around. It promotes honest dialogue and helps you open up about issues that are causing you distress. Once you identify the problems, you can work towards managing them.

Facing adversity is undoubtedly a difficult situation to be in. But your perspective towards adversity could change its meaning in your life. Instead of an obstacle, it could be a step up towards self-discovery and growth.

Focus all your energies on yourself. Actively adopt a positive attitude, meditate, or spend time with family and friends. Do not hesitate to reach out for help.






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How to Stay Strong and Face Your Adversity?

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