Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Hypnosis for Weight Loss
Hypnosis for Weight Loss

If you read through the scores of forums and review sites on the subject of hypnosis for weight loss, you’ll likely come away pretty confused.

Some people think it’s the best thing since sliced bread; yet others say it’s a sham and it doesn’t work.How are we to know who is right, and why do the opinions we read seem to be polar opposites?

Well, when it comes to this subject, we need to compare apples with apples. For example, one person may have 3 sessions with a qualified professional hypnotherapist who has decades of experience, whereas another person may have just one session with a person who has only just completed their hypnosis training.

In other words, there are many of factors at play that need to be considered in relation to using hypnotherapy to treat weight problems.

Unlike many other alternative modalities, there have been various studies done on the efficacy of hypnosis, and the general consensus is that it has an 87% success rate in any given population; but that’s an overall figure which is not specifically referring to weight loss.

If you’re looking into hypnosis for yourself or someone else, research is your best friend. Don’t just choose the first practitioner you come across. Get answers so you can make an informed decision and get the best value for your money. This post offers some tips to get you started:

  1. Trust is The Number One Factor

    If you’ve seen a hypnotherapist in the past and felt as though you were unable to be hypnotized, there is a logical explain=nation.

    Hypnosis feels exactly like daydreaming, and everybody can be hypnotized because we all go into trance on our own every day.

    In fact, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Your hypnotherapist uses the sound of her voice to allow you to go into trance; but you are the one who decides whether or not to allow this process.

    In other words, unless you actually trust your hypnotherapist, you will not allow yourself to be hypnotized.

    So, it’s really important that you have a rapport with the therapist you are working with. To ensure this, make sure you have a conversation with the therapist before you commit to sessions, to be sure you feel comfortable with them.

  2. It Takes At Least 3 Sessions

    I’ve been working with people to help them reach and maintain a healthy weight for nearly 2 decades now.

    My research has shown that it takes a minimum of 3 sessions to have a beneficial and lasting effect.

    This is because there are a multitude of factors involved with weight problems, so it isn’t easy as saying: ‘let’s flip a switch in your brain so you’ll automatically eat healthy and exercise.’

    If it was that simple, you wouldn’t need help in the first place.

    Some hypnotherapists will claim to be able to solve your weight problem in just one session, and when I’m questioned about this, here’s what I say:

    – No hypnotherapist can guarantee to fix you in one session, because they don’t low you and they have never worked with you before;

    – If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

    In most cases, one session just isn’t enough to provide the subconscious mind what it needs to facilitate positive and permanent changes in your eating and exercise habits.

  3. Your Weight Loss Hypnosis Program Must Be Tailored for You

    Some hypnotherapists charge a lot of money to treat you; and yet in each session they read from a script.

    In this case, you’re better off paying for a 15-dollar recording, since if this is happening, it’s a clear indication that the therapy hasn’t been tailored specifically for you.

    There are 6 specific causes of weight problems:
    – Negative subconscious beliefs;
    Negative body image;
    Low self-esteem;
    Anxiety and stress;
    – Inability to set boundaries
    – Subconscious pay-offs

    In other words, overeating and lack of exercise are just symptoms of other, deeper stuff. Your therapist should ask specific questions about your problem and then apply the correct therapeutic approach based on the information she has gathered.

    To achieve lasting results from your weight loss hypnosis sessions, your program must be customised to address and overcome your specific blocks to sustainable weight management.

  4. You Must Be Ready

    Most people consciously know that there’s no way around the weight loss game; if you want to be slim, you have to put in the work.

    That is, you must eat healthy, low fat foods 80% of the time and exercise regularly. Some people mistakenly believe a hypnotherapist can snap her fingers and ‘make’ a person do what is needed.

    This is untrue. A hypnotherapist cannot make you do something you don’t want to do. Similarly, your hypnotherapist can’t magically motivate you to do anything if you’re not willing or able to meet her half way.

    In other words, hypnosis is a valuable a tool to put you in touch with your own inner resources; but it isn’t a quick fix. Long term weight management takes work on your part, and it will be well worth the effort if you’re willing to make changes in your lifestyle.


If you’re scared of failing, that’s perfectly okay; 99% of my clients are. If you choose the right hypnotherapist and if you’re willing to do something different to what you’re doing right now, hypnotherapy is incredibly effective for weight loss and will serve you very well.





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