Important Things to Know Before Buying Sheets

You might be wrong judging sheets by the beautiful package or the pricing. The options in the market are wide and varied depending on the color, texture. Comfortably lying on your bed between your sheets should be something you yearn for after a day’s job.

When buying sheets one can be overwhelmed by the fabric terminologies used to recognize the sheets. Buying the best bamboo sheets could need more than just a label written “bamboo sheets”. Research has been done about types, sizes and different sheets, read on to be more informed next time you go shopping.

Weaves are different

Through the tests that have been carried, it has shown that sateen sheets are better. They are smooth and have a silky feel. Knowing the difference between the weaves will help make a better choice according to your personal preference of the best mattress protector.

Cotton sheets,polyester are all made of different materials making them different from bamboo sheets

Laundering instructions

When it comes to washing, sheets can shrink significantly after a few washes probably after 15 washes. After this, they don’t fit properly and fail to be the best mattress protectors. During shopping, washing instructions are usually indicated somewhere on the labels.

It was noted that for cotton sheet, they are marked to fit perfectly on queen-sized mattresses but after several washes, they only fit on the 14-inch mattress, this can be disappointing. The best bamboo sheets still stand out as the better option to be the best option since it’s sustainable and strong.

The return policy

This also comes in handy according to the type of shop you buy. You will never know the feeling between the sheets until you try them out. In circumstances where you are not satisfied, look out for the return policy, some brands can have them exchanged.

The best mattress protectors should worth your money hence they should have a return policy. Buying them online should also give that permission.

Have several bed sheets

Consider buying two or more sets of bed sheets every time you go shopping. Anything can happen like a spill or your child steps on it. It is easier to replace it than while laundering the other.

You shouldn’t miss out on the best mattress protectors; instead, consider buying identical sets. Don’t miss to include bamboo sheets on your sets.

Pay attention to the thread counts

Thread count is the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch. The techniques used in manufacturing depend on the brands. The higher the thread count, the higher the quality. The pricing will also vary with these factors.

For softness and sustainability, it has been tested that it takes 300 to 500 thread count. They tend to allow good breathing space and would cost more. Sheets made with fewer thread counts would be uncomfortable because it traps heat.

It might get too hot to sleep in them especially for children. Take your time to read everything you need to know about your sheets.






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Important Things to Know Before Buying Sheets

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