Do underwire bras give better support

Do underwire bras give better support
Do underwire bras give better support. Source:

Do underwire bras give better support : Underwire bras are favored all across the globe as they promise extra support, compared to their wireless counterparts. A popular choice amongst heavy chested women and the millennial youth – Underwired bras are gaining momentum by the minute. However the real question is – if these much loved underwire bras actually provide the support, that they claim to?

The answer to that is an absolute Yes.

Let’s begin by understanding what are underwire bras?

They’re basically your regular or day to day bras, only with a wired structure. Shaped in the form of semi – circle, this metal wire is added to your average bras and placed right below your bust line; thereby uplifting your breasts a tad bit higher. Consider this structured metal as a genius piece of addition that is designed to give your bosoms an upward push.

By doing so, it eases off the stress from your back and shoulders. This not only ensures a better posture, but also prevents your breasts from sagging. Thanks to the underwired structure, underwire bras are built in a manner that bring the weight of your falling breasts to the centre-front.

Who are underwire bras meant for?

Just as your go-to ladies bras is meant for anyone and everyone, underwire bras, too, are a closet staple. An absolute plus for women with bigger breasts, underwire bras help your breasts stay sturdy and firm. Be it providing an extra lift or relieving the pressure from your back, underwired bras make sure your day to day routine is a lot more stress and hassle free. These bras are not only an ideal option for the heavier bosom ladies, but even to the smaller chested women. The metal underwires also have the ability to make your chest a lot rounder and fuller. For women who are not a big of the push up bras, but wish to have a similar effect, these underwire bras are a godsend.

Are underwire bras uncomfortable?

Most women firmly believe that their underwire bras aren’t treating them the way they are supposed to. Well, if your bras are poking you or digging into your chest, consider that a tell tale sign that you need to buy a new bra. Breaking the age ol’ misconception, underwire bras are no where close to uncomfortable. After all, it’s all about getting yourself the bra of your size. We women face the same scenario, be it your regular bra or underwire bra; wearing the wrong bra size is going to cause nothing but discomfort. Finding the right fit is key; also, know that all your bras, including underwire bras come with an expiry date. Look for signs – A bent wire should be a major red flag.

Choosing the right underwire bra

Lingerie isn’t just limited to A, B, C & D cups; with the industry booming, your underwires too have started to come in different lengths. Opt for bras that suit your body type to a T. If you feel your underwires are digging into your armpits, it’s time you switch on to bras with shorter underwires. Another essential feature to keep in mind is the material; ensure that the bras are made with high-quality skin friendly fabrics. It is all about balancing the right fit with great quality.

Underwire bras or regular bras?

Non wired regular bra
Non wired regular bra. Source:

Underwire bras are a perfect choice for women who experience issues like saggy breasts, back and shoulder pain. A wireless bra on the other hand fails to give your chest the push it needs, thus increasing the discomfort on your pressure points. Underwire bras also help you achieve that seamless silhouette under your well-fitted clothes which is not really achievable while wearing your wireless bras.

Besides providing functional support, underwire bras also give your chest a fuller and curvier shape. While both the bras do complete justice to their respective jobs of keeping you and your girls at ease, if you’re personally on the lookout for something that will do the job of keep your breasts lifted, then underwire bras is the way to go.





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Do underwire bras give better support

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