It Is Time to Think Of Your 2021 Beauty and Health Resolutions

It Is Time to Think Of Your 2021 Beauty and Health Resolutions
It Is Time to Think Of Your 2021 Beauty and Health Resolutions

It Is Time to Think Of Your 2021 Beauty and Health Resolutions : “Beauty is power” has been misused and misinterpreted over the years. As a woman, I think it’s time I redefine it. Beauty is more about how you feel than how you look.  However, you have to look good to feel good. Hence these are the two most inseparable aspects.

Are we clear on the misconceptions about beauty? Okay, let’s move on swiftly. This post seeks to sharpen your mind on possible beauty and health resolutions you can make as we cross over to the year 2021.

Why do you need to have beauty and health resolutions?

My reasons for drafting beauty and health resolutions are unique to me. So are yours. Even though we might meet at the hair and beauty studios for the same service, we are coming from a different perspective. Here are a few that might sound like common ground.

  • To create family time

    Family is everything for most people. However, most women hardly find time for themselves, let alone their family members, due to work and house chores. Sometimes they manage to squeeze some time for DIY beauty hacks, which by the way, take forever. This lifestyle is draining and eats up all the time to create memories with your family.

    I am not pointing the above out of ignorance. I was that woman a few years back, but I learned to choose my family first. I had to look for a bikini wax near me. My showers are now shorter, and I don’t have to miss out on family night games in the name of waxing.

  • To increase your confidence

    As mentioned earlier, beauty is power. You don’t want to have the same hesitations you had in 2020. The COVID 19 pandemic might have caused a little hesitation and huge financial constraints, but that’s not enough to put you down.  2021 is your year to shine again. Seize the moment. Walk with your head high. General skin health care, including waxing, improves your look and feel.

  • Achieve a healthy skin

    Some parts of our bodies require more attention than others. The skin around your eyes is one of these parts. It tends to become drier hence requires a special type of cream to stay hydrated. Eye restore creams should be in your health and beauty resolution starter pack.

    It will not break a bone to get you some anti-wrinkle and anti-sagging face cream. Cross over to 2019 with a youthful mindset.

Health and Fitness
Health and Fitness

Here are some health and beauty resolutions to consider 

  • Have a sustainable skincare routine

    How? This is the central question here. Firstly, let’s talk about the face wipes we use daily. Most of it is not eco-friendly. They are organically sourced, and they contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment. As you crossover, make a point of using reusable zero waste makeup remover pads.

    You need your skin to remain healthy? Ensure to switch to oils that are not packaged in plastic containers. Also, switch to homemade face masks because you will have done the environment a huge favor by so doing. There are so many incredible benefits to a sustainable beauty routine.

  • Give your eyebrows a break

    Enough! Is what most eyebrows and lashes are dying to scream? This coming year gives you a break.  Create room for your lashes and eyebrows to grow. In case you didn’t know, they have been plucking one by one, and when they don’t pluck, we pull them out to befit different looks. This year shape your brows and do falsies with your health in mind.

    If patience is not your thing, you could incorporate some eyebrow gel or serum. They both perform the same task of quickening the growth of your eyebrow hair.

  • Protect your skin more

    Sun rays are harmful to the skin, especially when the sun is too hot. It is vital to have some sunscreen with you at all times. Failing to protect your skin might cause sunburns, and we all know how uncomfortable these are. Also, wearing sunscreen keeps your skin from premature wrinkles and aging. A good thing is some sunscreens can be used even with makeup on.

  • Check out reviews before settling for products

    Beauty products are not to be used anyhow. Especially if they are being used with the intention to alter the current condition of your skin to treat or enhance it. There are a lot of counterfeit products in the market.

    For instance, a lot of skin lightening pills from different brands are constantly sold. Ivory capsules are one of them. I recommend that you check the ivory caps reviews on the company’s official website to ensure that it is what you want and, most importantly, know how the original one looks. You could also visit them to get the right thing.

Healthy Eating
Healthy Eating
  • Eat healthy

    You could use all the right beauty products, but if you don’t eat right all, that is zero work. As the saying goes, you are what you eat. I suggest that you get rid of all unhealthy diets for you to see all the right results. You could stop taking the bottled juice because it is full of chemicals in the form of preservatives, and those sugars are not suitable for your beauty and health goals.

    A citrus juicer from Hurom is ideal for juice lovers. The best part is that you get to make juice that is freshly made form of fruits. It is so easy to use because you don’t have to squeeze the juice out yourself. All you have to do is press down the handle, after which the motor automatically assumes the squeezing motion. The juicer has a drip-stop outlet that allows you to control the amount of juice you want to pour into your glass.

  • Take a lot of water

    This sounds more of an impulse than a resolution.  We never do it right, though. Most people wait till they are thirsty, and that’s when they rush to the tap. It should not be like this. Always ensure to drink the right amount of water at least eight times a week. That way, you keep your skin hydrated and your digestion in check always.

  • Clean your beauty tools

    All the above are vital measures to embrace, but one simple mistake of not cleaning your beauty blenders, makeup brushes, and other essential tools can cause your skin great harm. Failing to wash them regularly means creating room for bacteria growth.  If this transfers to your skin, it could cause your skin to break.

    Ensure that you clean your makeup sponges and brushes every 2-3 days. Also, keep your beddings clean. This can also be an avenue for exposing your skin to infections.

  • Avoid taking too long in hot showers

    When asked what parts of the body are extremely sensitive hence requiring constant care. Most people talk about the brain, kidneys, heart, etc. They are right, but why leave out the skin.

    Taking hot showers is relaxing and feels good. However, it can be dangerous to take too long in hot showers because the hot water strips your skin of all its natural oils. This leaves the dry. It is dangerous to make your skin go through because natural oils hydrate the skin and give it a lovely complexion.


It is best to have all the information above at your fingertips. Your skin communicates volumes even before you open your mouth to speak. Self-love should reflect through the glow of your skin. Ensure that all products you settle for are not counterfeits and, most importantly, are the right ones for your skin type.







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It Is Time to Think Of Your 2021 Beauty and Health Resolutions

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