Jewellery Styling Tips That You Need To Know

Jewellery styling tips that you need to know : Jewellery above all reflects your personality, your favorites, and your personal tastes and that’s good. As they are valuable, they make you valuable.

When to wear your jewellery? To this question, the experts are tempted to answer: every day! And depending on the type of jewellery, there are necessarily occasions associated with it! For example, to go to work, you don’t need to overload your outfit by taking out all your bracelets and rings: opt for a pretty watch, earrings, or a necklace, without forgetting a small ring to delicately dress your hands.

When it’s in the evening, don’t hesitate to go all out and dare all the eccentricities by creating a mix and match of fancy bracelets and necklaces! When you have a wedding or a special occasion, do not hesitate to bring out pretty jewellery that shines, the most beautiful effect on an elegant and classic outfit.

Now, let’s check 7 jewellery styling tips that you need to know – to put you – in value.

  1. Jewellery is never too good

    A “big” jewellery, old or modern, is never too big or too beautiful. If you feel intimidated, take the opposite course! Wear it alone, in majesty and let it express itself.

    Show that you are proud of it and that is how it will look the best. Do not clutter it with other pieces that could interfere with the whole, unless it is small diamonds here and there to bring a touch of light. You will be said to be a woman of taste, who chooses her jewellery with discernment!

  2. Don’t block, mix!

    The principle: jewellery is like small works of art, they must be highlighted – because they HAVE value – and be noticed. Some renowned fashion designers described women as always overdressed, never elegant enough. In jewellery as in fashion, the total look is prohibited.

    “Less is more” is back in fashion. It is better not to accumulate rings on all your fingers. Play on the contrast of volumes: with stackable rings, wear a bangle or a thin chain on the wrist, with pendant earrings, a thin long necklace but with stud earrings, a bulkier necklace, etc.

    On the other hand, mix the true and the false, do not hesitate. A metal cuff goes well with real jewellery. But be careful, here too, do not mix the colors. With a jeweled cuff, prefer a ring or earrings in gold, silver, or diamond, without colored stones. The contrast would not necessarily be happy for real stones, whose color is often less dense, and more transparent.

    Some fakes are as beautiful as the real thing, and jewellery designers don’t hesitate to make fakes… real, or if you prefer, real that looks like fake, with extremely rare stones that cost a fortune.

  3. Transform ancient jewellery

    Jewellery hates being bored at the bottom of a chest. If you have inherited a sad old jewel, do not hesitate to transform it. Choose a jewellery shop like PurpleMay jewellery who has taste – that is to say, take a good look at his window – to offer you sketches. Bring him magazine photos of the models you like to give him food for thought, a very effective way to avoid unpleasant surprises. Finally, have no qualms, tell yourself that in your place, your grandmother would have done the same thing!

  4. Dare pearls

    Oh, the pearls! Who doesn’t have THE pearl necklace she never wears in her box! But the pearls are damaged if they remain locked up, they must be oxygenated regularly, so take them out. And transform them into personalised necklaces for women, bracelets, rings…. Mix them with other pearls in grey, gold, bronze, dewy cream white, etc… or colored stones, diamonds, gold or silver patterns, or simply a chain… the possibilities are endless. For a bracelet, braid your beads with colored threads. Pearls illuminate the complexion and they are back in fashion, it’s up to you.

  5. Ethnic jewellery is sufficient in themselves

    Because they tell a whole story, symbolize peoples, civilizations, evoke distant legends, ethnic jewellery deserves respect! If they are voluminous, marry them with some very fine jewellery for the touch of light. Or match them but it’s a more difficult exercise… again, avoid tone-on-tone colors and stay in the same style. Space the jewellery far enough apart so that your ethnic jewellery is highlighted, for example, wear a necklace with a ring or earrings with a bracelet.

    And if you know how to tell the story of your jewellery, it’s even better! Your friends or guests will only be happy and will look at your jewellery differently.

  6. The dressing is dressing your jewellery

    Chic sloths have an unstoppable method: they wear black, the only color that will always show off jewellery, whatever it is. In general, wear colors a little darker than the shade of the stone. For example for a sapphire, navy blue will be more flattering than light blue. For an orange stone like spessartite garnet or orange sapphire, brown will be better than a lighter color. Be careful, some shades can change or fade the color of a stone.

    Clothing should match your jewellery. No question about wearing a diamond cuff with a 26-carat sapphire on a jeans-T-Shirt, it only exists in fashion magazines! In the evening, dare one – but only one at a time – very beautiful jewel. Bet on fluid lines and a V-neckline for a necklace or pendant earrings, avoid the choker if you are a little round or too thin Chic sloths if you are tall and built. Electric evening light highlights ruby, while sapphire will look best in sunlight.

  7. Always shine

    A must is the shine of your stone. Very beautiful diamonds lose all their charm and appear milky, that is to say of poor quality, due to lack of maintenance. But nothing worse than a tarnished stone. Dishwashing liquid and a simple toothbrush, dedicated to this use, are enough to clean it, especially below where all the impurities are lodged. Clean your jewellery at least once a week, with the plug closed.

    Only emeralds, fragile stones, require more care — rapid immersion, delicate cleaning. If you’re wearing a ring, you’ll want to have flawless nails. For lack of time to varnish them, always have a nail cream or a nail stick on hand, the effect is guaranteed in a few seconds!

How to wear jewellery?

Wear your jewellery according to the trend. But it is not necessary, the important thing is to feel good and in harmony with what you are wearing. If you want to stay at the forefront of the trend, there is nothing simpler! And, if you like this choker necklace so much which will no longer be fashionable in a few months: don’t worry, trends are an eternal new beginning so keep it preciously you can wear it again in a few months, time!



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Jewellery styling tips that you need to know

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