Loading Phase of Creatine

Loading Phase of Creatine : Before man was civilized, he used to live in forests and hunted animals. He killed animals for two reasons, to safeguard himself from other animals and to get food from their meat. This brutal instinct has always been with human beings. In the civilized world, man’s brutal instincts are channelized through sports activities. Sports people have always maintained their body to excel in their field. Having strong muscles is important in sports especially in athletics.

There is a supplement called creatine which is naturally visible in human’s skeleton muscles. The level of creatine found in the skeleton muscles is low. And so creatine is made and taken in by people to enhance their energy, power, stamina and muscle strength. Creatine gets dissolved in the blood plasma cells and supports protein synthesis. As a result of this, the user takes more energy which helps him to work out rigorously and gain stronger muscles.

If you are a body builder or a sports person, you can also buy now by visiting any of the online shopping websites. Or you can get the product from the pharmaceuticals market. Some of the leading creatine makers in India are MyFitFuel Creatine, MuscleBlaze CreaPRO, MusclePHARM creatine, etc.

Creatine is a ban-free supplement by the Olympic Committee. So, athletes and sportsmen all over the world use creatine to increase their sports performance. The intake of creatine is called loading. There are two ways of loading creatine.

Rapid loading is taking in 20g of creatine for six the first six days and then reducing it to 3-4 g per day. The 20 g taken in the first week is divided into four doses of 5g. Each dose has to be taken after an interval of 3-4 hours.

Slow leading is taking 3g of creatine for 28 days. The 3g of creatine should be made in a single dosage. A research was done to find out the better way of loading. At the end of the result, it was found that both rapid loading and slow loading methods produced the same result. They resulted in 20% increase in creatine concentration in the muscle. Anyhow a creatine dosage of 5g per day is considered to be a safe method for long term usage.

Cycling is suggested for creatine usage. Cycling is taking two weeks off after a creatine loading for 6-8 weeks. And after two weeks, the routine starts once again. It is not a compulsion for the creatine users to use cycling method.

Consuming creatine not only enhances the muscle strength and improves sports performance but it also gives the users some health benefits. Though cycling is not compulsory for creatine usage, it helps the efficiency of creatine. People who have health complaints such as kidney dysfunction, diabetes, and such issues are advised not to take creatine. Even those who take creatine should consult a doctor and plan their creatine loading according to their body weight and health condition.


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Loading Phase of Creatine

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Loading Phase of Creatine