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10 Obvious Signs a Guy Is Flirting with You

10 Obvious Signs a Guy Is Flirting with You Ever wonder if that nice guy is flirting with you? There are a few proven ways that can tell you if he is interested in you. While it’s difficult to read body language at times, it’s possible if you know where to start. Here are 10 ways that men unconsciously and […]

Why Genuine Compatibility Trumps the Pain of Divorce

Danger signs of unhealthy relationships and how to determine compatibility. Divorce has always scared me. Perhaps it started by witnessing my Mom’s grief and the deep scars that remained from her parents’ divorce. Her case is a somewhat extreme example as she was dangerously put in the middle of the conflict.

Don’t Read While You’re Having Sex

Otherwise it won’t be good sex. When you stop to think about it—as I do from time to time—there are all kinds of unspoken rules that govern the way we conduct ourselves. I don’t mean just good manners—who opens the door or who holds the chair for someone else, or how one dresses at a formal party or a job […]

How To Attract The Right People Into Your Life

As a business owner, I’m constantly looking to attract the right clients to my practice. As a friend and a lover, I’m constantly looking to attract soul mates into my life. Turns out, these two aren’t that far off. In fact, when I started making changes to my life, both categories seemed to fall into place at exactly the same […]

7 Things You Should Never Do In Bed (And 2 You Definitely Should)

7 Things You Should Never Do In Bed (And 2 You Definitely Should) It might be the cardinal rule of good sleep hygiene: The bed is for sleep and sex only. There’s still much we don’t know about the science of sleep, but experts are resoundingly supportive of these two s-words. (Some even have their own riffs on the adage, […]

Live Together and Live Happily

With the advent of civilization, we, the human beings started to live in society. As our numbers grew, our needs also grew. Our growing needs made inventions and discoveries in search of the resources. The people formed groups and those groups became states with passage of time. By going through history, we find that in search of the resources, the […]

Gender Based Body Language of Flirting

Gender Based Body Language : Men are indeed much more difficult to read compared to women. It is because they are less expressive and have reserved facial expressions. Fact is you cannot know a man well enough without interaction for a period of time. But here are some tips on the interpretations on the typical acts of male body language. […]

The Body Language Can Express Your Love.

It is the body language through which a person shows the affection to another person without telling him or her and one can know that he or she is indeed attracted. One’s body language is an obvious way of telling someone how he feels and what he wants to say. Your eyes, facial expressions, and body movements can truly express […]

Man Must Empower His Better Half

A close study of the history shows that the person who commands physical power reigns over the other. It is the recognition of your physical strength over the weaker. But unfortunately, this recognition does not include the level of your ethics and morals. The rule of the might over the right as prevalent in the kingdoms of the animals has […]

Make Your Presence Felt.

It is an aspiration hidden in our hearts that we must be given due importance as and when an opportunity arises so. If a person says to you that he never wished for any significance to be given to himself at any point of time in his life, he is lying to you – it is a natural human aspiration. […]

Confess Your Guilt (Part 3)

In some earlier posts, I had compiled some lines on confession in terms of the views of the some sections of our society. This post is in the same direction. Sometime, our religions provide for the procedures and sometime, we confess at our own when we feel that it won’t be possible to carry on the guilt and we wish […]

Confess Your Guilt (Part 2)

Yesterday, I had compiled some lines on confession in terms of the views of some sections of our society. This post is in the same direction. Let’s note what some other sections view about confession. Anglicanism In the Anglican tradition, confession and absolution is usually a component part of corporate worship, particularly at services of the Holy Eucharist. The form […]