Lower Your Phone Anxiety

Lower Your Phone Anxiety
Lower Your Phone Anxiety

If you avoid dialing a number and answering calls, you certainly need to know ways to lower your phone anxiety. It is okay to feel nervous when you make an important call, but if you feel nervous all the time you should overcome it. You cannot rely on emailing and texting to get a job done. Here are a few amazing ways to lower phone anxiety.

1. Distance

The first thing to remember is that the person you are talking to cannot see you. You don’t make eye contact, you focus on your tone and words instead. Since the person you are talking to cannot see you smiling, it’s important to show your friendliness through the voice.

2. Write it down

If you are having a phone interview or just scheduling a hair appointment, plan out what you are going to say. If you want, write it down, but feel free to change the script, because the person you are talking to may ask you the question you were not expecting and it’s important not to sound robotic. To lower your phone anxiety, make sure you are prepared before you make the call. When you are confident in what you are going to say, there is nothing to worry about!

3. Talk it out

If writing down is not enough, talk it out! Say whatever you’ve planned. But be sure to phrase it in different ways in order to decide what sounds better. If you have your mom or friend around, you can role play with her as if you’re speaking to the person you’re getting ready to call. It will help you gain more confidence and give you a laugh.

4. Surroundings

If you are nervous about making a phone call, try going somewhere that will help relax you or just sit in a place that you are comfortable in. Though it might not destroy your anxiety, it will definitely reduce it.

5. Make more calls

One of the best ways to get better at something is to practice a lot. Instead of texting your friends, call them. It’s a great way to feel comfortable with a phone. Plus, they will appreciate the sentiment and you will become closer with them. There is nothing wrong with hearing your friends’ voice more often.

6. Private location

If you are in a room with other people around you, it’s better to find a more private place. A large audience can make you even more nervous. Even if you stumble over your words, nobody will hear you. Moreover, the noise in the background can give you trouble hearing each other or irritate the person you are talking to.

7. Relax

Nothing bad can happen over the phone, right? If you are capable of talking to people face to face, you will definitely be capable of talking to them over a phone. When you don’t sit up straight and smile, there is nothing to worry about. So don’t worry about speaking to a person that cannot even see you. Just relax!

Try out these tips the next time you pick up your phone and your nerves will instantly be replaced with confidence. So, do you get nervous when making phone calls? What do you do to reduce your anxiety? Please share your tips.




Lower Your Phone Anxiety