Make Your Man Smile after a Hard Day

Bad days happen to everybody from time to time and it is an honored duty of every woman to make her man smile and help ease the stress. As men come back home they all want peace and comfort to restore the powers. We are to cheer them up and drag a smile out of them. When the situation is more serious than youve expected my advice is to combine a few methods in order to ease the strain. Here are some tried and effective ideas for you to use.
<h3>1. Be his support</h3>
In those days when it seems that everything goes wrong he needs your support. Talk to him, make him believe in himself and to try once again, inspire him to try something new and not to give up. Your support and belief in him are like a healing balm for your man. Having you on his side he will remove mountains. Hearing your incentive words he will not only forget his troubles and smile but also will be charged with positive attitude for the next day.
<h3>2. Make him talk it out</h3>
As a rule most men are not eager to talk about their problems, it is like complaining for them. But anyway he must know that you are there for him to hear him out. Don
t push but show that you care. As the guy has his heart swelled with hurt and anger he shouldnt keep it inside. As soon as he relieves his feelings youll see him smile immediately.

3. Give him a long greeting kiss

After an evening phone conversation you can instinctively guess that your man not the best day out of all. So here is an option. Kiss him tenderly and sensually and passionately as he comes in and make him leave all the troubles at the back of the front door. Im sure youll see a sweet tender and sexy smile slowly appearing on his face and his eyes starting to sparkle.

4. Cook his favorite meal

Do you know what his favorite meal is? Yes? Great! Take all the ingredients and start preparing. The moment he comes in and smells his favorite meal cooking he will understand that you care for him. It will lift his spirits in no time. There is a certain sense in the phrase “a hungry man is an angry man”. A peaceful dinner after a hard day is exactly what will make him smile.

5. Give him a massage

After a day full of stress and tension the best way for him to relax is to lie down and receive a long and sensual massage made by his beloved. A mixture of tender touching and caress are exactly what he needs. You will receive a grateful smile in return which is exactly what we need. After such a massage he will be enjoying a balmy sleep.

6. Embrace him

Of course you should kiss and hug your guy not only when he has bad days, isnt it? But when he looks for your concern your embrace is needed extremely. Sometimes no words are appropriate and guys are rather sensitive beings who need a shoulder to lean on more that we think. A tight embrace might take all his worries away and a sunny smile will show up on his face.
<h3>7. Take him out</h3>
The best way to get away of problems he has is to change the scenery, to go out of house. Plan an unusual evening, take the situation into your hands. I
m sure he will be glad to have some rest from making decisions and to have you in charge. Choose to go to his favorite restaurants, go to play bowling or watch a film of his beloved genre. Any idea will go, just make sure that he`ll love it and it will be a good way to be distracted.

8. Be a tease

Nothing can be better than when you meet your man in a sexy outfit, teasing and flirting, after he had a bad day. It is a great way to distract him and to make all the problems go away. Passion and desire is exactly what you both need especially if intimacy has receded into the background because of being extremely busy. Show some creativity and imagination to become closer to each other and to revive your deep feelings.

9. Compliment him

When our strength is failing us we need our partner to cheer us up with pleasant words. As couples live together for some time they forget to tell each other how much they love and adore the partner. Tell him what a beautiful person he is and how you admire him. It is such a trifle but hearing a compliment will enhance his self-confidence and let him know that he is perfect for you. Men also want to feel loved and cared for.

Being in a relationship means taking up responsibility for another person. So when our beloved have had a terrible day it is our duty to support them and make all their problems go away. Anything you invent will go because it is just between you two. What do you usually do to bring his smile back on his face?



Make Your Man Smile after a Hard Day