Make Sure to Come to Divorce Mediation With This Mindset

Make Sure to Come to Divorce Mediation With This Mindset : Whoever first said “keep calm and carry on” certainly wasn’t talking about going through a divorce! Because marriage is such an intimate state, the process of dissolving it can make for a lot of heartache, pain, and hurt feelings on both sides. Because of all of these reasons, it’s far from uncommon for emotions to run high as a divorcing couple heads to the mediation table to negotiate their divorce settlement.

However, if you’re entering into divorce mediation with anything other than a clear head and a calm attitude, you’re setting yourself up for a longer, more acrimonious process that can cause serious delay, not to mention additional emotional strain.

Hey, we get it. We’re all human here. Not too many people decide to go through a divorce without a pretty big, important reason for not wanting to be married anymore. It’s hardly a decision that anyone takes lightly. So it’s almost a given that when it comes to ending a marriage, both parties might be entering divorce mediation with a fair amount of shock, sadness, guilt, or anger clouding their judgment. Understandable? Certainly. Productive? Not so much.

According to Denver divorce mediators Split Simple, attitude is everything in mediation. Tough as it may sound, it is essential to try to maintain a calm, levelheaded mindset as you head to the divorce mediation table. Think about it- if you begin your session in attack mode, on the defensive about everything, or just generally angry toward your soon-to-be former spouse, he or she is likely to be less cooperative and willing to help you reach a fair settlement, not to mention less willing to bend on key issues that are of significant importance to you.

On the other hand, if you make it a point to keep emotion out of it, focusing only on the tasks at hand, you will be able to equitably divide your assets, work out child custody schedules, and more much more quickly. By coming together as a team one last time, you can help simplify the divorce process and reach an agreement that is beneficial to both of you.

Divorce is never anyone’s first choice, but in many cases, it works out to be the best choice for everyone involved. Agreeing to an uncontested divorce and choosing mediation rather than going the court litigation route can not only save you a great deal of money on attorney fees and court costs but can also take far less of a toll on your emotional health and help speed up your recovery process. By keeping a calm, cooperative mindset throughout your divorce mediation proceedings, you can ensure a smoother transition to the next chapter of your life.



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Make Sure to Come to Divorce Mediation With This Mindset