Makeup Tips for a Job Interview

When it comes to a job interview, first impression is everything and certain makeup tips can make all the difference. Ladies, if you want to stand out above the rest and get the job, your makeup is not the area to do it in! Follow these great makeup tips for a job interview, and you will look polished, beautiful and professional at the same time!

Great Makeup Tips for a Job Interview

1. Avoid wearing anything with shimmer or glitter

I like wearing blushes, eyeshadows, and bronzers that have shimmer to them, but you shouldn’t wear these on your job interview! They can be so alluring and pretty and they can take the attention off what you are saying in an interview. Moreover, your makeup could give the impression that you are flamboyant, dramatic, and high maintenance. Be sure to use matte colored products, which are soft, safe, and pretty at the same time.

2. Don’t use bronzer

Leave your bronzer at home and don’t wear it to a job interview! Bronzer creates a dramatic look, which is really fine, but for girls parties! Make sure you create a softer look to your skin. You can use your regular powder foundation instead of bronzer, and a little blush. If you are used to using bronzer you may feel funny at first, but it really makes a difference.

3. Use less makeup overall

Using less makeup overall is one of the most important makeup tips to remember when going on a job interview. Use less eyeliner, only a little to skim the bottom portion of your eye. This will help your eyes look less dramatic and more natural, which is what you want. Also use less foundation and less blush.

4. Use softer shades on your face

Another best makeup tip for a job interview is using softer shades. Make sure you use only soft eyeshadow colors, like warm beiges, soft browns and light pinks instead of those dramatic tones, including blacks, greys, and purple. Also, make sure you use softer shades of lipstick and blush to keep everything more natural.

5. Use a softer lip color

Yes, ladies, use only a soft lip color! If you are used to using a vibrant coral or red lipstick, it’s better to leave it for a night out with your best friends. Wear a softer shade, like a softer pink, mauve, or peach. If you love red hues, opt for a subtler color, such as plum or rose instead of bolder ones. Or, even better is to wear a neutral color to enhance your own natural lip color.

6. Use good mascara

Buy good mascara that won’t smudge and crease on your eyelids. The last thing you want to do is to leave your job interview looking like you’ve been crying with mascara all over your eyes! If you use a brand that stays on your eyelashes very well and long, please, let me know, since I’m still trying to find the perfect mascara!

7. Keep your face from looking oily

If you are a nervous person, it’s so easy to sweat right before a job interview. That’s why it’s important to use the right foundation and powder to keep your face from looking oily and shiny. I like powders and BB creams, which help to take the shine away from my face. Don’t forget to take oil blotting sheets, which you can use right before your interview.

It can be tough enough to go on a job interview and the last thing you want to do is to worry about your makeup. Show your knowledge, but not your makeup! Do you have any other makeup tips for a job interview? Share them, please.



Makeup Tips for a Job Interview