Making Your Makeup Last All Day

Most women think that you need lots of makeup to make it last, but that’s not true. One of the best ways to make your makeup stay on the entire day is to use the right beauty products. Ladies, you don’t need tons of makeup, you just need to purchase the right kinds and apply them in the right order. Check out these wonderful ways on how to make your makeup last all day long.

Tips for Making Your Makeup Last All Day

1. Use a lightweight moisturizer

No matter when you moisturize your face, be sure to use a lightweight formula of moisturizer instead of a heavier one. It’s important to find the perfect moisturizer, so that you won’t break out and it won’t make your makeup run. If you have oily skin you shouldn’t skip moisturizer, or it will make your makeup flake off and not adhere well to your face. It’s also bad for your skin!

2. Use concealer before you apply your foundation

Most women use concealer after they apply their foundation. However, if you want to make your makeup last longer you need to apply concealer first. Use your best concealer to contour your face, by placing it on top of your eyelids, under your eyes, towards the tops of your lips and under your nose. This will illuminate your face and help you look less cakey. This will also help eyeshadows stick to your eyelids much better.

3. Apply a good foundation

When it comes to making your makeup last all day, your foundation is extremely important. You need to find the perfect foundation, if you haven’t found yet! You can even opt for BB cream if you wish. A good foundation doesn’t run, cake, or look oily all day long. For better result, use a powder lightly on top of the foundation. Keep in mind that a good foundation is not necessarily an expensive foundation. There are many good brands which cost less and work excellent!

4. Use brushes

One of the best ways to make your makeup last the entire day is to apply makeup with brushes and sponges instead of your hands. Your hands can be dirty and carry natural oils on them. So make sure you use brushes to apply your eyeshadow, powder, blush and bronzer. Also, make sure you use the appropriate size brush for every product, not the same for everything. Look for special eyeshadow brush, which is made to get into the creases of the eyes, special blush brush, and powder brush, which is the larger than fluffy brush.

5. Get perfect eyeliner

I have a lot of trouble with my eyeliner running after just a few hours. By applying eyeshadow to my eyelids, it helped take the smudge away, but when I found my perfect eyeliner, I forgot about smudging and running eyeliner. Find your perfect eyeliner that stays on the entire day, doesn’t smudge and is easy on your eyes. Pencils are also good, but they can rub your eyelids raw.

6. Apply a neutral eyeshadow on to the rims of your eyelids

To make your eyeliner last all day, take a neutral eyeshadow, such as beige or a cream or white color, and apply it to the rims of your eyelids, where you are going to put your eyeliner. This will help it adhere to your eyes much better, and lighten up your eyes. Give your eyeliner an extra boost in adhering itself to your eye!

7. Apply a primer to your lips

This tip will help you make your lipstick last all day long. Before you put on your lipstick or gloss, give your lips a little priming help. Just apply a touch of a cream based concealer to your lips, and then apply your lipstick over it. It sounds strange, but it really works!

Use these sweet little ways and your makeup will certainly last the whole day! How do you make your makeup last all day long? Please, share your tips.


Making Your Makeup Last All Day