Must-Try Beauty Tips

You don’t have to appreciate vintage style to benefit from some old-fashioned beauty advice. The wisdom of grandmothers is alive and well in the beauty world and you might be able to weave some of yester-year’s tips and techniques into your beauty regimen. The following tips will help you enhance your beauty in tried and true ways.

1. Cucumber Eyes

Cucumber Eyes

As one ages, puffiness around the eyes seems to come with the territory. You can combat this tendency, however, by kicking back in a recliner for about ten minutes with cold slices of cucumber on your eyes. In fact, you’ve probably seen this countless times in the old movies. This tried and true remedy for reducing puffiness to enhance the eyes works just like your grandma said it would!

2. Honeyed Skin

Honeyed Skin

Honey applied to skin is a great way to pamper yourself with an age-old beauty treatment. It’s said that even Cleopatra made honey part of her beauty rituals. Honey has natural antibacterial properties so it’s ideal for treating acne. Rich in antioxidants, honey can also keep your skin looking youthful and full of moisture. In addition, this magical substance also has the ability to gently clean your pores and adds a subtle glow to the skin. It’s definitely one of Grandma’s best beauty secrets to try!

3. Olive Oil

Olive Oil

The pure goodness of olive oil has been known for centuries and women that have used it to protect their hair shafts from split ends and lock in moisture understand why it continues to be one of the best kitchen remedies for beauty. The legendary beauty Sophia Loren added a few tablespoons to her bath when she wanted to achieve soft and luxuriant skin. Moreover, without any chemicals or synthetic ingredients, olive oil is all natural and safe.

4. Lemon Fresh Nails

Lemon Fresh Nails

Lemons have all kinds of uses around the house. If you have one on hand, just cut it in half and press your nails into it. Perhaps you’ve seen your grandmother do this from time to time. The lemon juice whitens your nail tips, but it also strengthens the nail itself. Healthier nails translates to more beautiful nails.

5. Oatmeal and Almond Exfoliation

Oatmeal and Almond Exfoliation

Grinding a half cup of almonds and half cup of oatmeal has all the makings of a perfect exfoliating paste. Add a couple drops of essential oil to bind the ingredients and then rub all over your face. This paste works wonders for exfoliation. Once the dead skin cells are removed and your skin gently clean, you’ll look more youthful and even retain a healthy glow.

6. Ice Away Wrinkles

Ice Away Wrinkles

Many grandmothers swear by this old beauty ritual. Simply rub your face with an ice cube before heading out the door and you will enhance your skin’s glow and ward off wrinkles. Ice cubes can reduce the size of pores and minimize their appearance. If your skin is oily, this practice can help balance that out and enhance the look of your skin. Also, a cold treatment like this can keep the skin looking rejuvenated and refreshed.

7. Drink Plenty of Water

Drink Plenty of Water

Water and plenty of it is a natural detoxifying agent. By pushing out all the harmful toxins we ingest, water cleans us from the inside out. Drink lots of water to enjoy a clearer complexion. You need to drink water to enhance your body’s function, of course, but sipping ice water can even help speed up your metabolism so you keep your figure in check! Be sure to rinse your hair in cold water after washing to give it some great natural shine.

8. Braided Waves

Braided Waves

Wearing your hair in a braid during sleep has long been a remedy to prevent hair breakage. However, it’s also a great beauty enhancement. You can achieve gorgeous waves by braiding your wet hair and letting it air dry until you’re ready to unveil those great waves. This is much healthier for your hair than applying heat from irons or hot rollers. Your hair’s moisture will remain intact and you’ll still boast those soft and beautiful waves.

9. A Little Goes a Long Way

A Little Goes a Long Way

When it comes to makeup, Grandma’s advice is right on unless you happen to be performing on stage where a more dramatic look is a stage prerequisite. Otherwise, it doesn’t take much product to enhance your natural beauty. Too much blush or eye makeup and the distance between super model and clown becomes shorter, indeed!

10. Avoid the Sun

Avoid the Sun

Once upon a time, a sun-tan was not a good thing! Sun exposure led to freckles and dry skin. The old advice is just as important now as it was then and maybe more so since we know how harmful UV rays are for our skin. Always wear a sun hat and sunglasses when you venture into the sun and certainly where protective sunscreen for those days at the beach.

While modern beauty treatments can be effective, your grandma’s beauty secrets are definitely worth trying. If you have some other beauty tips from your grandma, feel free to share them with us in the comments section.



Must-Try Beauty Tips