Myths & Facts About Energy Healing

Myths & Facts About Energy Healing : Everything around us is energy. We have studied various laws concerning energy, its transformation, and much more. Science has also acknowledged the benefits of energy healing. We go to a doctor for our physical and mental well-being, but our soul needs healing too. Our mind, body, and soul share a powerful bond, which is why even a slight disturbance in one aspect can disturb the whole connection.

We often hear our friends saying, “I don’t like this person’s energy.” Or “he or she drains my energy I get negative vibes from them.” So what is this energy? Is it some kind of visible thing that impacts our mood or how we feel about a person, or is it something that our body feels?

Our body feels the energy, and everyone around us has an energy field that can impact our mood and feelings for a person. Almost any great culture has witnessed and practiced energy healing. Healing techniques have been in practice for thousands of years. It might come to you as a surprise knowing that our body suffers through energy blockage. Energy centers in our body have different names in different cultures. We all know about different chakras known to be energy points in our body and how a smooth flow through these chakras keeps us healthy and our mind active.

The concept of energy healing dates back thousands of years through various cultures. It is also one of the ancient Indian spiritual traditions. We have read about Buddha finding nirvana and other monks who tried to balance their lives by understanding the significance of energy and its long-term impact on us. Today, energy healing practitioners use these techniques to heal and help people access their conscious or unconscious energy centers.

This article focus on the facts and myths associated with energy healing. So keep reading!


  1. It is a modern therapy
    Many people believe that energy healing is a modern-day therapy, but it is not the reality. The concept of ‘chi’ and ‘prana’ is thousands of years old and has been prevalent in various parts of Asia. Before the advent of modern medicine or hospitals, people relied on shamans and monks to help them heal. Even traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda medicine rely on energy points to help a person heal.
  2. It is non-scientific
    Some people believe in western medicine or allopathic medicine more than any other form of treatment. They justify their opinions backed by scientific data and research. People consider energy medicine or energy healing technique non-scientific; however, energy healing is now receiving sufficient attention from the scientific community. Despite being an ancient practice, many researchers and scientists are now conducting studies and experiments to prove or disprove the effectiveness of energy healing. A study reports that biofield or energy healing is an active agent in the healing process. Researchers are still finding its benefits and impact; however, many people have reported experiencing positive effects of energy healing.
  3. People practicing energy healing are hippies
    It is another common misperception among people that hippies only practice energy healing. You do not need to dress like a monk, wearing a floral skirt, or have prayer beads wrapped around your hand to practice energy healing. Most energy healers are nurses, doctors, and other licensed professionals offering these healing services.


  1. Heals physical and emotional traumas
    We might not acknowledge it, but we all carry unseen baggage that affects our emotional health and physical well-being as our energies are intertwined with our physical bodies. We often are advised to let go of our emotional pain and traumas. The reason for this advice is that healing is only possible when we remove the blockage from our energy centers caused by traumas and emotional pain. Energy medicine believes that our bodies can only heal if the energy flow between our energy centers is smooth and not blocked. From our crown chakra (head) to our roots (feet), there must be a smooth flow of energy that enhances our physical and emotional healing.
  2. It is for everyone.
    It is a common belief that energy healing works on those who are spiritually evolved or open. So it is safe to say that energy healing is available for anyone and everyone willing to receive its benefits. You do not have to be open spiritually, but all you need is to be willing to receive and acknowledge its healing benefits. Our mind, body, and soul require a balanced energy flow through their energy center to function without any trouble. Thus, some energy treatments like reiki or touch healing focus on directing a smooth energy flow for anyone who wants to heal. However, you can also receive distant healing.
  3. No side effects
    Usually, the medicine we take has its side effects. Therefore, our doctors advise us to discontinue their use after a certain period. Energy healing techniques are non-invasive, and they do not have any side effects. This healing session involves no instruments used in regular Western medicine treatments like a scalpel or any other invasive treatment methods. The diagnostic method is simple — it consists of a person lying comfortably while the healer looks for the blocked energy channels by moving their hands a little above the patient’s body without making any contact. Next, the energy healer uses muscle testing, magnetic balance, or balancing the chakras techniques to remove the blockade. Once the blockage is removed, a patient often feels overwhelmed as the energy flow is restored or the energy is rebalanced for healing to take place. Our energies play a vital role in our health and well-being, and every individual has unique energy centers. When the healer restores the energy flow, it enhances our healing without negatively impacting our mind, body, and soul.


When it comes to healing ourselves or seeking treatments, we immediately think of going to a doctor. However, healing can be in any form. Some healing techniques like Western medicinal practices focus on symptoms, while others focus on your energy. Our energies and energy centers are as real as our bodies. Energy healing has helped many people practice cleanse their chakras to maintain a balance of energy flow between their mind, body, and soul, whether they practice energy healing techniques alone or with a healer’s assistance. So keep a keen eye on your energy, and if you constantly feel low and drained, tap into your energy centers to resume a smooth flow.






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Myths & Facts About Energy Healing

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