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Silicone Breast Implant Removal : Even though silicone implants are highly effective medical devices, some patients can develop issues after the breast augmentation procedure. Studies have revealed that silicone implants can potentially increase a patient’s risk of various medical and cosmetic problems, and that is why you might want to consider silicone breast implant removal in Newport Beach.

During the implant removal procedure, your surgeon will restore the size of your breasts by carefully removing scar tissue as well as the implants themselves.

Signs You Might Need to Have Your Implants Removed

It is an unfortunate fact that patients might experience a variety of complications following the implant procedure. One of the most common side effects of silicone implants is a unique condition known as capsular contracture. After the implants are in place, the body might begin to create excess scar tissue around the silicone shells. While a small amount of scar tissue is perfectly natural, that wall of hardened tissue will continue to grow in some cases. Over time, that can lead to lumps in the breasts and chronic discomfort.

Other patients have their implants removed simply because they are no longer happy with the size of the breasts. Once they are removed, the implants can be left out entirely or implants of a different size can be placed back in the breasts.

Is This Procedure Right for Me?

Deciding if you should have your implants removed is a very personal choice, and you will need to discuss the situation with an experienced surgeon. Your surgeon will be able to go over the pros and cons of the removal procedure so that you can make an informed decision. You might also want to head to your surgeon’s Frequently Asked Questions page to get a little more information regarding this operation.

Your Personalized Implant Removal Operation

Every single implant removal procedure is slightly different, and your surgeon will need to come up with a personalized treatment plan. At the very least, the shell and the silicone are going to be removed from each breast. If extensive scar tissue has developed, then the surgeon might suggest that you have that tissue removed as well. The entire operation usually only takes around two hours to complete, but you will need to wait in the recovery area for at least a few hours where you can be observed by the medical team. Once you have been cleared, a loved one will be able to take you home where you need to rest for at least a few days.






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