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Live Together and Live Happily

With the advent of civilization, we, the human beings started to live in society. As our numbers grew, our needs also grew. Our growing needs made inventions and discoveries in search of the resources. The people formed groups and those groups became states with passage of time. By going through history, we find that in search of the resources, the […]

You Can Control the Allergies of Your Children.

Allergies point to the exaggerated reaction as posed by the immune system as a response to any physical contact with the substances that seem foreign to the body. The reaction is labeled as exaggerated simply because the body itself deems these substances as harmless. At the same time, those who are non-allergic have non-responsive bodies. The reaction turns in when […]

Gain Happiness Through Breath Control

Irrespective of what makes us happy, one thing is certain that we all want to be happy. Who is there who does not want happiness in the life? No body would like to invite tragedy, sorrow, troubles or any adversity even for a single moment. Happiness has different meanings for different persons but every one needs it. The cause of […]

Adjust with Adolescence

  Yesterday, I had made certain submissions regarding our retirement. Today, a little bit about Adolescence! Adolescence as we understand is a transitional period of development between youth and maturity. It is an important period in everyone’s life while all other periods of the life span are important, adolescence needs a little more care and sensitivity from parents together with […]

Enjoy Your Retirement

Enjoy Your Retirement : Retirement is that point in your life when you stop your employment completely. You may also semi-retire by reducing work hours. Many people choose to retire when they are eligible for private or public pension benefits, although some are forced to retire when physical conditions don’t allow the person to work any more (by illness or […]

You may Expect same treatment from your children as You treat Your Parents

Have you ever thought how you came in this beautiful world? If you believe in materialism, you may think that you are the result of bilateral relation consummated between your parents. It is very natural that at some stage of age, everyone of us feels some urge to meet our physical need, as it is destined by God while structuring […]

Ensure Equitable Distribution of the Resources amongst All

In the early stages of mankind, there were lesser number of people with abundant resources for survival. Slowly, slowly with the increase of population world over, exploitation of the resources grew up. New technologies are coming into process and we are ensuring maximum output. A rough estimate is there which says that 15% of the total population has occupied 85% […]

Nurture Beautiful Relationships

  With the advancement of civilization, we started to develop our relationships with one another, giving different names with different people. Whatever be the nature of the relationship, the fundamental aspect is, you have a need to nurture them. The process may involve physical, psychological, emotional, social, financial or political elements. If those needs and expectation are not nurtured, relationships […]

Adopt Perfect Parenting

Providing proper parenting to children has never been an easy task for the parents. What methods should be adopted in this direction have always been a matter of serious challenge for them from the day of conception of family. In the present era of high competition, this challenge has got new dimensions because with the advancement of technology and easy […]

Adore Your Mother

A Mother’s love is something which no one can explain. It is made of deep devotion, sacrifice and pain. She has endless, unselfish and enduring attachment with her children to the last of her breath for nothing, whether that is a heap of currency notes, gold, treasures and/or other material things etc.,can destroy. Even when her heart is breaking, her […]

Let Her Flourish

In major terms, God appears to have classified its creatures into two sections – Males and Females (In-between, common gender can be termed as a result of some technical snags in procreating.). The male creatures had generally been granted more physical strength than their female counterparts whereas the female creatures have been bestowed upon with greater quantity of emotions, beauty […]