Practical Childcare tips for Mom when she is sick

Practical Childcare tips for Mom when she is sick : As the mom, you’re probably the main caregiver in the family. You take care of the kids when they’re sick. If you’re married, then you probably also look after your spouse when he’s under the weather. What about you, however?

In theory, you never get an off day. You’re the dependable constant in their lives — never sick, always on top of everything. In reality, however, moms are more prone to sickness than many realize.

Whether it’s a bug or pregnancy woes, you will occasionally find yourself unequal to the long list of responsibilities that you have to address daily.

Here are some Practical Childcare tips for Mom when she is sick :

Why Do Moms Often Get Sick?

You have to accept and understand your vulnerability so that you can prepare for such episodes. Why are moms extra susceptible to sickness in the first place?

1.     The immune system of young children is still developing, so they tend to catch whatever bug is going around – and then give it to their moms.

Babies remain protected by the immunity shared with them by their mothers while still in the womb. Unfortunately, these antibodies do go away over time, putting kids immunologically at risk.

That they have to spend time in germ factories called daycare or school doesn’t help either. They themselves become little sacks of germs that their moms typically have to be exposed to for most of the day.

Adults have a more established immunity, of course, but In many cases, the bugs that kids bring home are not something that the adults have developed immunity to. This means that you may be safe from measles, mumps, or chicken pox, but when your child starts sniffling or coughing, expect to be doing the same soon.

It’s a good idea to have a stocked medicine cabinet for when you or your children need symptomatic relief. Cough and cold medicine and fever reducer are definitely helpful to have handy.

2.     As exhausted and harried as they are, many moms often have a compromised immune system.

It’s bad enough that you have to deal with little germ carriers, but you also have to do it when you’re tired and run-down.

Moms are notoriously sleep-deprived. If this is true in your case, then it means that you’re not enjoying the restorative benefits of restful nighttime slumber. This has an effect on your immune system.

Your day probably starts early and ends late. It’s also likely that you have to hit the ground running, tending to chores, childcare, work, and other obligations from daybreak until late at night.

Who has the time to properly take care of herself, right? It’s no wonder moms easily pick up germs from their children (or elsewhere).

How Do Sick Moms Cope with Childcare?

When you’re sick with something that’s not serious but still completely puts you out of commission for the time being, how do you and your kids make it through?

1.     Ask for help.

This is the very first course of action. Hopefully, you have somebody in your life, even if it’s a paid babysitter, who can come on short notice. With somebody else at the helm, you can retreat to your bed and get some proper rest.

2.     See a doctor.

You want to get rid of whatever health issue you have as soon as possible. Your doctor will prescribe the right meds and other appropriate remedies to get you back on your feet fast.

3.     Designate your official sick station.

It could be your bed or the downstairs couch. Make sure that there’s a bathroom nearby, space where your kids can lounge and play, and, with toddlers, a door or gate to keep them contained. A TV will likely also help.

Set up your station so it can be cozy and comfy for you and entertaining for your kids. Gather supplies in one trip so you won’t need to get up and fetch items you might need throughout the day:

  • Food and drinks
  • Remedies (meds and other effects)
  • Toys, books, paper and crayons, etc.
  • A change of clothes for little kids
  • Alcohol and wet wipes for quick sanitizing
  • A trash bin

4.     Permit usual restrictions and lower standards without guilt.

So what if you let them use the tablet or eat finger foods all day? So what if the sink is piled with dishes and the rest of the house is a disaster area? So what if the kids are dirty and remain unbathed?

Fretting and attempting to restore order will just make you feel worse. Accept that it’s a special situation and you have to look after your health above everything else.

5.     Consciously boost your health.

Eat nutritious foods. Soothe yourself with warm and comforting liquids. Drink lots of water. Take your vitamins. Sleep plenty.

If you have toddlers and can’t risk sleeping while they’re awake, time your nap with theirs and stay horizontal as much as you can even if you can’t actually sleep.

6.     Try to keep your kids from catching your bug.

Remind everyone to wash their hands. Support their immune system by feeding them healthful foods and giving them vitamins.

Tell them you love them, but cuddles and kisses will have to wait until you’re better.

Surviving Your Sick Days

Being a sick mom is no picnic even if you end up having a picnic in bed. At the end of the day, it’s all about taking care of yourself so you’ll be fit again to resume your caregiving role.

Prevention is always better than cure. Do what you can to boost your immune system so these episodes will be few and far between.



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Practical Childcare tips for Mom when she is sick

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