Proven Ways to Grow Healthier Hair Faster

Proven Ways to Grow Healthier Hair Faster : Our hair plays a huge role in our physical appearance. This is why when hair thinning and hair loss starts to show, we tend to freak out. While it’s normal to shed about 50 to 100 strands a day, some experience excessive hair loss. This may be caused by various factors such as age. In this kind of scenario, medical treatments are a big help.

Here’s an informative post explaining how hair loss treatment can help stimulate areas of the scalp and encourage hair growth.

While hair shedding is inevitable, there are still many proven ways that can help you grow healthy hair faster!

  1. Avoid Bleaching Your Hair

    Bleaching products are very strong and can damage the cuticle of the hair. This leads to the development of split ends. When generic bleaches are applied to the hair, it can cause the hair to become very dry.

  2. Have A Healthy Diet

    A way to produce healthy hair fast is by eating healthy foods. Protein is one of the essential nutrients needed for your hair’s growth. Protein is present in meats like pork, fish, and beef. For people who do not eat meat, other foods contain protein such as soy, nuts, and beans. A study has shown that women who lack protein shed more hair than people who have a stable, healthy diet. Nutrients such as iron, vitamin C, Zinc, vitamin E, vitamin A, and Omega-3 fatty acids can also contribute to faster healthier hair growth.

  3. Take Vitamins Every Morning

    For some, a healthy diet is not enough to supply them with enough nutrition. Thankfully, some supplements are available over-the-counter to give you the needed amount of nutrients that you should be taking in. Supplements that contain biotin, vitamin C and vitamin B are best for supporting your hair’s health. Not only will you get long and healthy hair immediately, but you will also have better skin complexion in the process.

  4. Have Hair Trimmed Frequently

    Split ends cause your hair to appear dry and be more brittle. A way to prevent this from happening is to have your hair trimmed frequently. When you eliminate the breakages by getting rid of those split ends, it will trigger the hair to grow healthier and faster. If you leave those split ends on your hair, it will cause the loss of shine, volume, and smoothness of the hair.

  5. Do Not Wash Your Hair Every Day

    Shampoo products contain chemicals that can potentially do more damage to the hair strands and hair follicle when used frequently. Such products damage the hair follicles, making it produce thinner and unhealthy hair strands. Washing your hair every day can wash off your hair’s natural oils. These natural oils are responsible for maintaining the silkiness of your hair. Specialists recommend washing your hair for only three to four times a week to prevent your hair from losing its natural oils.

  6. Be Gentle When Brushing Wet Hair

    The hair gets vulnerable when it is wet. Brushing your hair too hard can pull the hair aggressively causing damages to it. Use hair brushes that are soft and safe for the hair. Brush your hair gently starting from the bottom and work your way up to the top part. This is also a way to massage your scalp, which leads to faster hair growth.





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Proven Ways to Grow Healthier Hair Faster

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