Quick and Easy Workouts to Keep Yourself Energetic Throughout the Day

Quick and Easy Workouts to Keep Yourself Energetic Throughout the Day : Women’s health is a crucial factor for our societies to thrive as they play various roles from professionals at their respective workplaces to caretakers at home.

However, the need is to provide them with an easy to follow and quick to apply regimen that saves their valuable time will giving out the maximum benefit.

In this post let’s take a look at some of the best and relatively less cumbersome ways and Workouts to Keep Yourself Energetic and fit throughout the day.

Warming Up – The Key to a Great Workout!

Always remember that as a person and living being you need to get your limbs and the rest of the body in the right mood before you jump right into hardcore body training workouts. Many women nowadays complain about stiff shoulders and other body parts and the majority of them seek neck pain treatment these days due to the fact we live sedentary lifestyles. Hence it is best that you perform a warm up first to get your whole body moving the way you want. Here is what you can do:

  • Pacing across the room. Walk swiftly and speedily. Walking in a quick pace is quite effective to warm up your body and deserves more credit than we generally offer it.
  • Perform some routine stretches for your legs and arms. This will open up your joints and make them more nimble, loosening the tension and stiffness of muscles from within.
  • Follow up with some air-punches and kicks. This allows you to hit an imaginary object or foe with force applied behind each blow you deliver. Excellent for getting you into the groove.
  • Jump rope or do some skipping, let out some sweat to let your mind and body know you mean business.

Once you find your heartbeat and body feeling the heat it is now time for you to switch gears and get ready of the actual thing.

The Wall Sit

There is a lot that goes into a woman’s day and that is why there are times where you are simply waiting, for instance, the coffee maker to make you the perfect brew to charge up the rest of your day. When going through such a delay, it is the ideal time to do some wall sits. This is where you put your back towards the wall and allow your body weight to be supported by it. Now slowly try to lower yourself down so your knees bend making sure that you do not lose the support of the wall while you do this. This will help your thighs and glute muscles to get a tremendous workout. Go as far as you possibly can without losing your balance and a couple of reps will make you feel accomplished for sure.


Terrific for your lower body and getting your ladylike curves, squats are easy to apply but with more repetitions do become tedious. This is why they are so effective as well. All bodybuilders, martial artists, athletes, gymnasts, and even those in the armed forces and the police department do squats to keep themselves in shape. It is time you joined the bandwagon as well.

Inclined Push-Ups

All you need for this is a raised surface, ideally, a table stand, the kitchen slab, or even a step of stairs or any piece of furniture would do. The idea is to do push-ups but without resting your hands on the floor. Keep your body straight and place your palms on the surface of your choice for support. Now perform this routine using the same mechanics involved when performing normal push-ups. The higher the surface you chose the easier this regimen becomes.

Forward Lunges

This is the most favored leg exercise for many out there. No equipment needed whatsoever. Simply start by standing straight. Now put your right foot in front and bending both your knees reach out towards the front. Do this without flexing your back. Keep the upper part of your body as stiff as possible. Your left knee should touch the ground or should near to the floor at hair’s length. Repeat this for the left foot as well. Do as many repetitions as possible for you.


For this, you will need a comfortable flooring to lie down. You can even do this while lying in bed. Your back is towards the floor and you are laying down with your face towards the roof. Now bend your legs so that your knees are up and facing the ceiling while your feet are touching the floor. With your head and shoulders as well as your arms resting firmly on the ground, start to push your hips up so that they are detached from the support given to them by the surface. The idea is to keep this position of your hips in the air while you take support from your feet, head, shoulders, and arms resting on the ground.

Triceps Dips

Last on our list is this great triceps workout you can perform using any chair, table, and sofa or couch you may have at your home. Simply put your palms on the end of the furniture of your choice, but make sure that your hips are not resting but a little far from it. Your feet should be firmly placed on the floor. Now slowly lower your hips using the strength of your arms. Bend your elbows to go lower and then back up again. 20 reps should be more than fine for this exercise.


We hope this post was able to offer you some great ways to keep yourself healthy and fit even when working indoors. Unfortunately, technology, social media, and other gadgets have made our lives quite sedentary over the years. It is high time that we all make a conscious effort to get ourselves back and be physically fit like before when these inventions hadn’t invaded our private and professional lives. For more questions and queries regarding the topic please feel free to share with us your views and opinions in the comment section below.






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Quick and Easy Workouts to Keep Yourself Energetic Throughout the Day

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