Why Establishing Paternity Is a Good Idea?

Why Establishing Paternity Is a Good Idea? Between one and two percent of men are raising children they don’t realize are not their biological children. While this isn’t a large number, it can show how easy it is to not exercise full fatherly rights.

When we all think of paternity establishment, we all think of the silly talk shows where couples try and prove who is and isn’t the father.

But establishing paternity goes beyond this. Proving paternity gives a father the right to his children and he can make serious decisions regarding their custody and overall well-being.

Here’s why you should establish paternity.

Improved Father and Child Relationships

You don’t have to be the child’s biological parent in order to achieve a healthy and fulfilling relationship with them. But if your child is biologically yours, establishing paternity is the first step in achieving that relationship.

We will go into the legalities more in this article. But establishing paternity ensures you’re a major part of their life.

You have custodial and visitation rights. You’re legally responsible for their health and their care. And overall, you have the chance to spend as much time with your child as you can.

Important for Your Child’s Identity

The paternity legalities won’t only benefit you. They will benefit your child and the rest of your family. Paternity gives that extra sense of proof that the child is yours.

Therefore, the paternal family will be more inclined to welcome the child into their life. This also opens up the paternal family to legally provide care for the child.

This doesn’t mean a man can’t welcome a child in his life who isn’t biologically his own.

But some people enjoy that extra sense of security, especially if the mom and dad weren’t together and/or seeing other people during the time of her pregnancy.

Establishes Custodial and Financial Support

Establishing paternity isn’t legally required in every case. But one of the cases it is is during custody court if paternity hasn’t already been established. The father will have to take a DNA paternity testing to prove he’s the father.

If he is, the father can open himself up to custody.

This can be full or joint custody, depending on what the court thinks is best for the child. If the father does take full custody, then the mom is required to pay child support, helping the father out financially.

Establishing Paternity Has Many Benefits

Ideally, both mom and dad will want to work together and provide the best life for their child.

But fathers can experience a few setbacks during the legal processes. Establishing paternity is the best way to prove a man is the father of his child.

While proving paternity isn’t always required, the father may need to submit a DNA test during the custody court. But it’s a good idea to prove your paternity before any legal processes to ensure the court recognizes the child is yours.

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Why Establishing Paternity Is a Good Idea?

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