Real Estate: Homes in Bald Head Island are a Cut Above the Rest

Real Estate: Homes in Bald Head Island are a Cut Above the Rest
Real Estate: Homes in Bald Head Island are a Cut Above the Rest

Real Estate: Homes in Bald Head Island are a Cut Above the Rest : A place called Bald Head Island exists in North Carolina that is popular among real estate hunters. Statistics from towards the end of July 2021 indicate that the real estate prices in this area were $690.46 per square foot on average. So, if you are working to that kind of budget, then Bald Head Island might be for you.

Although, budgets can be worked with and real estate agents make use of this when it comes to shaving money off the prices sellers are sometimes unrealistically wanting. After all, we all want the best price for our property. You will want a good margin between selling your old and buying your new.

Let us consider Bald Head Island Homes for Sale by thinking about island life, the beaches that will resemble paradise, and the kinds of recreation that will be possible. There is no doubt that it will be a different way of life, but at the same time, one that we have desired for a long time. We just need to be brave and go for it. Life is for living and islands are for living on.

So, it is time to begin our journey to something different.

True Island

If you are looking for a true island on which to live, then Bald Head Island can be it. Cars are prohibited, so if you have one, it will be secured at the mainland terminal. The island, instead, has a separate transportation system. Bald Head Island is a 20-minute ferry ride from Southport and the mainland. It feels a world away, so you can feel like you are on your real desert island that was brought to life by Robert Lois Stephenson’s Treasure Island. That is, land separated from the hustle and bustle of previous or current life by seas, and somewhere idyllic to reside now.

You can live on Bald Head Island because there are plenty of resources to help you navigate daily life. That is, whether you are a full or part-time resident. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to retire somewhere like this? Or to work at one place and then live on this island during our leisure time.

It would be a good exercise to get around this island of paradise by bicycle. You will never have felt healthier in a place that you have lived.

Beaches to Enjoy as a Resident of Bald Head Island

Both residents and those who visit Bald Head Island will frequently recommend the North Beach. There, you can enjoy paddle boarding, shell hunting, and fishing, and its sunset.

If you are looking for somewhere to have a long stroll and sit relaxingly while you watch the ferry come in, then West Beach offers this. What activity can be better than observing your loved one coming home by ferry after a day’s work on the mainland? Now they are all yours, as you relax together inside or outside your Bald Head Island property. A place of paradise you have found together, with the help of your real estate agent.

Recreation Possible on the Island

If golf is your thing, then on Bald Head Island, you can play seven days a week at the Bald Head Island Country Club for between $85.00 and $135.00. To live a golfing lifestyle represents a dream activity at a dream place. You will soon find that life has never been so relaxing if you choose to buy real estate here and follow your golfing hobby into your more relaxing or retiring years. Golf also, of course, represents a relaxing sport for those working on the mainland but who live on the island. It can be good to separate work and home life in this way.

To conclude, you can experience the true sense of living on an island should you decide to buy real estate on Bald Head Island. It is connected to the mainland by only a ferry, so once back on the island you will feel truly relaxed and ready to enjoy home life. If retired, you will not want to leave the island, except perhaps for supplies. There are beaches to enjoy and the kinds of activities associated with them. Also, the opportunity to play golf daily in this idyllic island location. You will never look back once you have made that decision to buy a home on an island. It will be something we all dreamed of as a child, and now it can become a reality at Bald Head Island, North Carolina.






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Real Estate: Homes in Bald Head Island are a Cut Above the Rest

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