Reasons to Call Off Your Wedding

Making the decision to call off your wedding can be one of the hardest things you ever have to do. Sometimes people ignore warning signs because they are afraid of embarrassment or because they are so much in love. But it is wise to be aware of problems before getting married. Otherwise, a quick divorce or an unhappy marriage may follow. Here are a few reasons to call off your wedding.

Potential Reasons to Call Off Your Wedding

1. Rushing into marriage

Too many of us rush into marriage and then regret about it. Perhaps your boyfriend proposed to you and you accepted the proposal because you wanted to have a beautiful wedding or you just couldn’t say no. But if you doubt, it’s better to call off your wedding. Also don’t get married because you are pregnant, unless you are in a fully committed relationship.

2. Cheating

If your partner has cheated on you, think twice about marrying him. Do you want to tie yourself emotionally and legally to a man who thinks infidelity is okay? Unfortunately, when he has done it once, it will happen again and again. This is one of the most important reasons to call off your wedding.

3. Gut feeling

Always listen to your instincts, because they are very rarely wrong. If you feel that the wedding would be a big mistake, then ask yourself why you feel this way. Maybe because of a massive commitment. Remember you still have time to call off your wedding, but be sure to do it now, not later.

4. Deep uncertainty

Do you feel unsure about something in your relationship? You might have doubts as to whether your boyfriend is completely committed to you, or you might have been having some serious argument. Maybe your partner wants kids while you don’t like this idea. Deep uncertainty is something you should pay attention to.

5. Pressure

Don’t get married if your partner or family is pressuring you. Just because your boyfriend desperately wants to be married doesn’t mean you should get married. Pressure may also occur for religious or cultural reasons. It can also be social: your parents may dislike you living with your boyfriend, or they think that your children should be born inside marriage. Remember you must get married because you and your boyfriend want to.

6. Different opinions

You may think that opposites attract, but if there are too many differences between the two of you, that may be a reason to call off your wedding. For a successful marriage the two of you need to agree on fundamental issues. And if you have different opinions on really important issues and you can’t agree on a compromise, then think carefully whether you want to get married.

7. Unsolved problems

You might have some problems, but you decided to put them aside and started planning a wedding. That’s a big mistake. If you have unsolved problems, they could affect your relationship. So before you get married make sure you sort out all serious problems.

If you have serious doubts, don’t be afraid to cancel or at least postpone your wedding. People usually worry about what family, friends and coworkers will think, or they feel that they can’t call off the wedding because they have already paid for everything. But it’s your life and only you can decide what’s best for you! What would make you call off your wedding? Share your thoughts, please.


Reasons to Call Off Your Wedding