Reasons You Can’t Sleep at Night

If you are wondering why you cannot sleep at night, then you need to read these reasons! You might eat too much or drink too much coffee. Or maybe you cannot stop thinking about something. Read on and find out a few common reasons why you cannot sleep at night!

 Reasons You Can’t Sleep at Night

1. You drink too late at night

Drinking right before bed or just too late at night will make you feel drowsy, but it will actually interfere with your sleep and will make you feel much more tired the next morning. Try drinking an herbal tea with valerian or chamomile, which will help you relax without disturbing your sleep.

2. You work out too late in the evening

Working out too late in the evening is another common reason you cannot sleep at night. Having a rigorous exercise within 3 hours of bedtime can overstimulate your metabolism and raise your heart rate, making your sleep seem impossible. It’s always better to exercise in the morning.

3. You sleep in

If you often sleep in, that might be the reason you can’t sleep at night! While sleeping in might feel good, according to Lawrence Epstein, MD, medical director of the Sleep Health Centers in Brighton, MA, sleeping in can throw off your internal clock, even if you sleep in only one morning. If you need to stay up late, try not to sleep in more than an hour. You can also take a nap during the day.

4. You eat protein late in the evening

Do you eat late dinner late or eat night snacks? Eating protein late in the evening is one of the reasons you are having trouble sleeping. The thing is that it takes more energy to digest protein, and that means your digestive system will be working overtime while you sleep. So don’t eat late at night!

5. You still have caffeine in your body

If you drink a lot of coffee, stop doing it. Experts say that the half-life of caffeine in the human body is 5-7 hours. If you drink two cups of coffee or even more, you are left with a bit of caffeine at the end of the day. So try to keep your caffeine consumption under control.

6. You worry about sleep

It may sound ridiculous, but this is another reason you cannot sleep at night! When you go to bed thinking about your problems and your morning to-do list, this makes it harder to fall asleep. If you can’t fall asleep, read a good book or go for a short walk.

7. Messy room

Really, ladies, your messy bedroom could be the reason you can’t sleep at night! A messy, cluttered room means a messy, cluttered mind. If you have a lot of clothes, papers, books, or anything strewn about your room, it can make falling asleep harder since it can be very stressful. So do some picking up before you go to bed.

8. Your bedroom is not dark enough

Today with the great number of electronic gadgets we have, it’s extremely difficult to make your bedroom completely dark. When your eyes are exposed to light in the middle of the night, your brain is tricked into thinking it is time to wake up. Try to make your room as dark as possible, with all the lights from electronic gadgets out of sight!

Can you relate to any of these reasons you can’t sleep at night? Do you know any other reasons? Share your thoughts, please!


Reasons You Can’t Sleep at Night