Reasons You Wake Up Feeling Tired

If you’ve ever woken up feeling tired and achy after sleeping eight hours, you might wonder about the reasons why you don’t wake up feeling refreshed. Here are some real reasons why you wake up feeling tired and achy.

1. Stress

Stress is an inevitable part of our lives, but we should control it. Because taking those negative thoughts to bed will linger in your mind and make you anxious and restless. Stress makes the body and mind hard to relax at night. Try to relax and you will sleep better and wake up more refreshed.

2. Anxiety

Often we wake up in the middle of the night and start thinking about the things we should do in the morning, and this actually is another reason why you wake up feeling tired and achy. In fact, thinking of something stressful causes anxiety that leads to a restless night.

3. Late night eating

Sometimes I have a late night snack. I eat chips or fries and it sure does make it easy to sleep, because I’m full, but it does make me extremely tired in the morning. Eating late at night takes longer for your body to break down and digest the nutrients properly.

4. Games

I love computer games. When I find a new game, I get addicted to it. I stay up and play the game for a long time to get to the next level. In fact, computer games drain all your energy and leave you more tired than before. Try to put your game down, and get ready for bed.

5. Children

I have two kids, a one year old son and a two year old daughter. Sometimes, especially during cold and flu season, I wake up at odd hours in the night tending to my children. This can surely get you exhausted. And this is one of the reasons you wake up feeling tired and achy.

6. Horror movies

Personally, I like horror movies! Whether it’s true or it’s not real, I will surely watch it! But, I often turn on the lights and add nightlights to each crevice of my room. That’s why, if you are scared of watching horror movies, and scary thoughts come in your mind, try to think of positive, happy things and leave a light on! To ease the jitters you can drink some tea.

7. Fighting

I hate going to bed angry at my husband. However, lying in bed and fighting with him is a bad thing either. So if you are having a fight with your partner, don’t do it lying in bed. This creates a negative atmosphere and tension making it hard to sleep.

These are all things that make me wake up feeling tired and achy. This is not for everyone, but do you have any reasons you wake up feeling tired? Share your thoughts, please.



Reasons You Wake Up Feeling Tired