Keep the Same Haircut

If you have had the same haircut for a few years and people often tell you that it’s time for you to have a new look, it doesn’t meant that you should go for a change. Sure, it’s great, but if you do so for the sake of it, you can make a big mistake that can lead to haircut disasters. Check out a list of a few amazing reasons to keep the same haircut.

1. It’s simple

It’s quite simple to keep the same haircut. When you go to the same hairstylist, they are familiar with your hair and they know how to cut it. When you keep the same haircut, you don’t have to look at style books and to find out what would look well with your face shape.

2. The same haircut suits you

If your haircut suits you, it’s a great reason to stick with it. Just think of any stylish woman who has a signature cut – she would not be as identifiable if she changed her hair. Really, ladies, having a haircut that suits you makes you feel great, and if you feel great you look even more beautiful.

3. It’s practical

Keeping the same haircut is also very practical. Maybe you don’t have the time to style your hair each day. If so, then try to stick with an easy hairstyle that doesn’t require a lot of time and money for. A haircut that looks good on a model may not look good on you, and you may end up spending hours to fix it every day!

4. Avoid mistakes

Many of us made the mistake of getting bored with the same haircut and choosing something new just to look in the mirror and don’t like what the hairstylist has done. It’s especially irritating if you must wait for the terrible haircut to grow out before you can return to your usual hairstyle. Keeping the same style will help avoid making these terrible mistakes.

5. It’s versatile

If your hair suits you in a long style, then it’s well worth sticking with it for the numerous style possibilities it offers. If you change your hair it can mean that it’s less versatile. So keep the same style if you love playing around with your hair and having different looks. You may even have a different look each day!

6. Age limits

Many women cut their hair shorts because they are getting older and they think that they cannot have a long hair any more. Just because you hit 40 doesn’t mean you must cut your hair. A flattering style is actually not influenced by age. So if your hair looks great long, then don’t cut it.

7. Cut just for the sake of cut

If you decide to change your haircut, it should be because you want to. You shouldn’t cut just for the sake of cut, and don’t cut it because your friend tells you to. Remember, it’s your hair, and if you love your haircut there’s no need to change it.

Although keeping the same haircut is usually derided as being unimaginative and boring, it has many benefits. I have tried plenty of cuts, but end up returning to the same haircut that works well for me. What about you? Have you ever had a disastrous haircut?



Keep the Same Haircut