Relationships: How To Stop Obsessing Over An Ex-Girlfriend

Relationships: How To Stop Obsessing Over An Ex-Girlfriend : You might have just broken up with your ex-girlfriend. This is why you are on this page. She might have told you over the phone or in-person that the relationship is not working anymore. Breakup sucks and they signify the end of everything you have invested in on this girl in the past and the dreams that you have made with her for the future.

You may want to go to her and get her back. You can read more articles on how to get her back on the right website.

But before trying to win her back again, stop yourself first.

You might feel depressed and feel that the breakup was unfair and can’t stop thinking about how happy you two were. But thinking about how great the relationship was won’t help you in any way. When you want to get over her fast, you should stop obsessing about her. However, this is not as easy as it sounds. You may need lots of time to process your emotions, need new friends who can encourage you to move on, and you might even want to take a vacation just to look at life with a new perspective.

So how do you go from here? Read on to find out how to move on.

Tips to Get Over Your Ex

  1. Focus on Yourself

    When you break up, you may find that you have finally got enough time for yourself. Start exercising, sleeping, and eating healthy food. You need to improve yourself because you recognize that you are one of the most important assets that you will ever own. Not because you want to impress your ex-girlfriend. You may not have had an opportunity to go out with other people before because your ex was the jealous type. Now is the time to mingle and make new friends. You will discover that the world is bigger and more interesting than before.

  2. Stop Stalking her Social Media Profile

    Do not check her Facebook, her tweets, or her new photos on Instagram. Read more about social media here: You will just miss her if you constantly see her even on photos. You should not remain friends with her after the breakup because you need time to heal. Get her back but after you have processed your emotions. For the meantime, give yourself time to heal and stop messaging her on how her day went or commenting about her pictures on social media.

  3. Don’t Talk about Her

    It’s not healthy if you constantly talk about her. Your friends may understand you for the first few months after the breakup. But after a while, it becomes exasperating even for them. You need to find other interesting topics to discuss. Don’t talk about the new guy she is dating or how miserable she is after the breakup. You are not part of her life anymore and those should be none of your business.

  4. Keep Yourself Busy

    You need to find other interesting things that will keep your mind away from her. Learn a new hobby such as chess, painting, or cooking. You will not have the time to think about her, but you get an added benefit of learning a useful skill that you can use later on. Keep yourself busy enough at work or spend time with your family. Just don’t overdo things like spending 18 hours at work as it is unhealthy.

  5. Travel

    Some people crave a change in scenery to forget everything. You might want to travel to other places or other countries and learn a new culture. Traveling can give you new experiences and you can meet new and interesting people along the way. You will also see that the world is large and there are lots of other ladies out there that can replace your ex.


After doing everything on the list above and gaining a better perspective about the breakup. Even if breakups hurt and you may want to avoid the emotions that you are feeling right now, acknowledge them and think about what went wrong. After you are healed and you decide that you want to give the relationship another try, then that’s the time to contact your ex again.





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Relationships: How To Stop Obsessing Over An Ex-Girlfriend

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