HCG Diet Plan 101: What are the Top Benefits?

HCG Diet Plan 101: What are the Top Benefits? Every year in America, there are an estimated 45 million people who go on a diet or at least start a diet. They spend about $33 billion on weight-loss products each year. However, there are almost two-thirds of Americans who are overweight or obese.

One of the reasons for discontinued diets is using improper weight loss techniques. Some resort to depending on supplements or starving themselves to get quick results. Many others use the wrong diet that isn’t cut out for them or their lifestyle.

The HCG Diet Plan is one of the many effective diets to try out there. As with all other dieting styles, it takes a bit of patience, a lot of self-discipline, and a dash of creativity. Below, we’ve listed the top benefits of the HCG diet plan so you know it’s worth the effort.

  1. HCG Diet Plan Helps You Reduce Weight in a Healthy Way

    What is the HCG Diet Plan’s top benefit? Done in an effective and efficient way, the HCG diet plan burns the excess fat from your body in the right way. You also avoid unbalanced reduction since it targets fat stores that are tough to lose with normal dieting.

    With the HCG diet plan, you shed fat from places where you’ll find excess fat. This includes your arms, waist, neck, thighs, and buttocks. Suffice to say a lot of women will find this focus on destroying excess fat very beneficial.

    It isn’t unlike other diets where you start seeing changes in the scale only to find out you’re only losing water weight. With the HCG diet, you’re taking off actual stored fat from difficult-to-get places in your body.

  2. Increases Metabolic Efficiency

    One main reason for being overweight or obese is having a slow metabolism. The purpose of the HCG diet isn’t only to cut weight but also to balance your metabolism. It helps with the disposal of unwanted fats and then boosts the efficiency of the metabolism.

    The balancing of your metabolism occurs in more than the weight loss factor. This is because another key factor of the HCG diet is that it cuts fat but not muscle, which we’ll later discuss more on. The muscle mass that’s retained allows for a strong metabolism.

  3. Lowers Cholesterol

    Follow your HCG meal plan and you will find that your regular eating habits are much healthier. This is because the HCG diet plan menus will often have limited calorie requirements. Tied to this, is the much lower chances of eating cholesterol-heavy foods.

    Most meal plans will include a helping of lean protein, vegetables, a piece of bread, and a fruit. Thus, this limits your cholesterol intake as well as sugar intake.

    You decrease the chances you get heart-related diseases. In a way, this also benefits those who already have heart-related diseases. The intake of HCG paired with a low-calorie intake will help reduce blood cholesterol levels.

    If you want to read on the HCG diet protocol, check out Dr. Simeon’s “Pounds and Inches” for more information.

  4. Doesn’t Leave You Hungry

    Many people may think they’d find difficulty during the HCG diet plan phase 2 or the weight loss phase. This is because they can only eat up to 500 calories per day during this phase. In truth, your body secrets hunger-inhibiting hormones once HCG is in the bloodstream.

    After, you continue with the 500-calorie diet until you reach the maintenance phase. However, the thing about the HCG diet is that it won’t leave you hungry in the maintenance phase. You’ll instead start increasing food intake.

    The HCG diet suppresses the appetite and lessens your cravings. You’re less likely to start cheating the diet because of this. This is what makes it a very effective weight loss plan for many people.

  5. Doesn’t Cut Muscle, Only Fats

    If you plan to cut weight without losing the muscles you’ve already built, the HCG diet is the one for you. It helps preserve your muscle integrity while allowing you to shed any extra fat, difficult-to-lose fat. Your muscle mass stays the same but your stored fats go away.

    This is because HCG promotes proper body weight distribution. You don’t need to burn muscle tissue to lose weight. As we said before, the HCG diet takes fats from all over the body as well as from the calories you take during the program.

  6. Regulates Hormones

    The balance HCG brings to your body reaches hormonal levels, too. Women profit from HCG injections since it regulates estrogen levels. Their bodies work more to get natural homeostasis and weight loss.

    Also note the sexual endocrines that HCG releases, which includes testosterone.

    This results in a healthier libido for both men and women. In men, the HCG hormone can help increase sperm count too. For women, it stimulates ovulation and helps their bodies prepare for pregnancy.

  7. Improves Endurance and Gym Performance

    This is one of the top benefits of HCG for men. HCG isn’t only a weight loss hormone but it’s also one that improves your performance. Your energy increases as well as your endurance, leaving you with a great feeling.

    Since it doesn’t leave you feeling hungry or tired, you can do the same weight loss exercises on a regular basis. With the HCG diet, you can even increase your exercises at will as you lose the extra weight. Other people take HCG to gain more endurance and energy.

  8. Available in Two Forms

    People often start taking the HCG hormone as soon as they begin the loading phase or the HCG diet plan phase 1. The HCG hormone is available to its consumers by prescription injections or tablets. This allows you to choose how you want to take the hormone.

    For example, those who want improved testosterone have faster responses to injected HCG. Meanwhile, those who aim to lose weight with the HCG diet can take the hormone through tablets.

Start Your HCG Diet

That’s it for our guide on the top benefits of the HCG Diet Plan. If you plan to take this diet, remember that it will only work if you discipline yourself to follow the diet plan. The true key to losing weight, even with other diet types, is self-control and strong willpower.

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HCG Diet Plan 101: What are the Top Benefits?

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