3 Health Reasons to Stay Away from Fried Food

3 Health Reasons to Stay Away from Fried Food
3 Health Reasons to Stay Away from Fried Food

3 Health Reasons to Stay Away from Fried Food : Eating fried food is a common practice all over the world, especially deep-fried meat or fish. Most of the restaurants, as well as fast food outlets, sell fried items such as KFC and the like. The popular fried foods are chicken strips, French fries, cheese sticks, crispy chicken, and of course meat and fish.

Though fried food is delicious, it is not good for your health and results in many diseases. These foods are high in trans fats and calories that adversely affect your health.

According to an article published on https://www.huffpost.com, trans fats hurt your memory and brain function. Again, fried foods such as doughnuts increase the health risks associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Read on to learn about the three key reasons why you must avoid fried food in your meals.

  1. Heart ailments

    When you eat fried items daily, you become susceptible to high blood pressure, obesity, low good cholesterol, and numerous other health hazards. Many studies show that people who eat fried food frequently, they are prone to develop cardiovascular diseases.

    Another study shows that women eating multiple servings of fried fish every week have a 48 percent greater risk of heart disease or cardiovascular failure compared to those eating one or three servings of fried fish per month. Therefore, you must opt for baked or boiled fish to stay away from heart disease. Fried items also lead to heart attacks in people. That is why doctors recommend the soxhlet extraction process, which is a technique to figure out the fat content in your food. Therefore, stick to a healthy diet full of fresh vegetables and fruits to stay for a long time.

  2. Obesity

    Fried fish, chicken, pork, cheese sticks, French fries, and others have more calories than healthy foods. Therefore, if you eat them regularly, you are taking more calories than required. When you have more trans fats in your diet, you grow obese and gain weight. It affects your hormones and controls the storage of fat and appetite. The challenge is in the kind of fat eat than the quantity of the same.

    French fries
    French fries

    According to an observational study, the diets of 41,518 women spanning over eight years had taken trans fats regularly. It resulted in one percent weight gain, i.e., a gain of 1.2 pounds or 0.54 kg in women of normal weight. However, women who were obese, a 1% increase in trans fat consumption led to a weight gain of 2.3 pounds or 1.04 kg.

  3. Diabetes

    Many studies show that eating fried food results in Type 2 diabetes. One of the studies proved that individuals eating fast food twice each week are more susceptible to develop insulin resistance than those people who consumed less than once a week. Another observational study showed that there is a strong connection between the frequency of eating fast food and developing Type 2 diabetes.

    In the study, people taking 4-6 servings of fried food each week were 39 percent more vulnerable to develop Type 2 diabetes compared to those eating less than a single serving every week.


Stay away from fast food to stay healthy. Eat more green vegetables and fresh fruits to fight obesity, heart disease, and other health problems.





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3 Health Reasons to Stay Away from Fried Food

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