Rhinoplasty: 7 Questions You Should Ask Your Doctor

Rhinoplasty: 7 Questions You Should Ask Your Doctor
Rhinoplasty: 7 Questions You Should Ask Your Doctor

Rhinoplasty: 7 Questions You Should Ask Your Doctor : Hundreds of thousands of nose jobs are carried out every single year, and this procedure might be exactly what you need to boost your confidence and create a more symmetrical and balanced appearance. If you have recently decided that you are interested in a nose job, then there are going to be a few questions that you should ask your cosmetic surgeon during your initial consultation.

  1. Are you a board-certified cosmetic surgeon?

    While the vast majority of practicing surgeons are fully licensed and certified, you might still want to spend a little bit of time asking your doctor about their training. In addition to taking a look at their licenses and certificates, their schooling could be a good indicator of their overall skill level as well.

  2. What experience do you have carrying out rhinoplasties?

    Most cosmetic surgeons carry out a wide variety of procedures, but some only focus on a handful of operations. The surgeon that you choose should have a decent amount of experience carrying out rhinoplasties and other similar procedures.

  3. Am I a good candidate?

    The ideal candidate is going to be a healthy adult who wants to make slight adjustments to the size and shape of their nose. It is important that candidates also have realistic expectations regarding what can actually be accomplished with this procedure.

  4. Are there any potential risks or complications?

    Even with an experienced surgeon, there are still going to be a handful of risks following a nose job. Some of the tissue could become severely scarred, and that might result in cosmetic or respiratory problems. Luckily, those issues are relatively rare, and highly-trained surgeons usually have relatively low revision rates.

  5. How can I prepare for my surgery?

    The steps that you take to get ready for your operation is going to have a huge impact on your recovery as well as the results. If you smoke or take certain medications, then the surgeon might ask you to make some sweeping lifestyle changes. You also need to make sure that you get plenty of rest, stay hydrated, and follow a healthy diet.

  6. What is the recovery period going to be like?

    Knowing what to expect during your recovery will allow you to make preparations, and your surgeon should be able to give you very specific post-op instructions. For the average nose job, the patient will need to wear a nasal splint for at least a week, and they are going to have some swelling and discoloration for up to two weeks.

  7. Are revisions usually required?

    Every surgeon has a different revision rate for the rhinoplasty procedure, but there are some average numbers that you should be aware of as well. According to recent studies, the revision rate for this operation is somewhere between five and fifteen percent. If you notice any complications or unusual side effects, then you should contact your surgeon and schedule an immediate appointment.







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Rhinoplasty: 7 Questions You Should Ask Your Doctor

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