Say No Returning to Sciatica Pain – Helpful Remedies

Say No Returning to Sciatica Pain – Helpful Remedies : If you are reading this blog then this means you have experienced this irritating pain that starts from the back and ends in one leg moving through hips and buttocks.

Yes, sciatica! How do I know this pain? I have witnessed it for almost 4 years of my life and not only me but millions of women around the globe have experienced this uncomfortable pain especially pregnant females.

People who have not experienced sciatica just consider it a pain in the lower back or as pain that prevents you in your movement. If you have gotten rid of this pain don’t think that it cannot return. But you can always prevent it from returning by following some precautions and preventive measures.

Before I take you to the preventive measures let’s give a small summary of Sciatica pain history.

Common causes of sciatica:

Many causes can result in sciatica, for example:

  • Sacroiliac joint dysfunction
  • Piriformis syndrome
  • Lumbar stenosis
  • Disc degeneration disease
  • Bulging lumbar disc
  • Ruptured lumbar disc

Symptoms of sciatica:

The sciatica is one of the longest nerves in the body that is rooted in the lumbar spine and branches off into the hip expanding through the legs to the feet. This nerve controls and helps in feeling the lower body.

Sciatica results in the compression and irritation of the sciatic nerve. This compression and discomfort can result in the feeling of weakness and numbness along the nerve path.

Remedies for Sciatica:

The treatment for sciatica pain depends on the symptoms and severity of the pain. Remedies that can help are,

  • Decompression therapy
  • Chiropractic care
  • Therapeutic bracing
  • Therapeutic massage
  • Stretching exercises
  • Steroid injections
  • Physical therapy
  • Ice, heat, and rest therapy
  • Oral medications (anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxant, etc)
  • Surgery (severe cases)

Tips for preventing sciatica:

It is difficult to prevent sciatica always. For example, if you become pregnant, or you fell, or you are facing disc degenerative disease, you can always get sciatica back in these conditions. But some tips can in many cases help you in preventing the pain from returning or can help you in lowering your pain. Let me tell you how my ideas can help:

  • Quit smoking:

    Smoking can not only destroy your lungs but it makes your nerves weak. It is observed that most smokers end in developing sciatica pain and can easily get disc degenerative disease.

  • Don’t sit for hours:

    If you have a desk job, then be sure that you get up and keep walking around regularly throughout the day. A bad posture and sitting at a seat for hours can easily lead you to sciatica.

  • Use shoes for sciatica problems:

    No matter what the cause of sciatica is but one thing is for sure that wearing proper footwear can help you in reducing the pain and can help you in relieving the underlying cause. Having good arch and gel beds are mandatory for sciatica shoes. Always remember a good arch will balance your body weight on the tip of your toes and in this way your complete weight will not put pressure at one point. Don’t choose any shoes for sciatica without knowing in details feature, pros and cons.  To find out a perfect sciatica shoes you can check out this article and also you will find different types of shoes review that’s help to choose right one.

  • Exercise regularly:

    Exercise other way around is always healthy. But if you have faced sciatica once in your life don’t stop exercising regularly. Brisk walk and going to the gym can not only help you in your physical well-being but will help you in toning your back and abdominal muscles as well.

  • Weight loss:

    Weight loss can not only help you in preventing sciatica pain but also helps you with many other problems. Maintaining a good body weight will lower the pressure on your sciatica nerve.

The sciatica pain can be very disturbing, uncomfortable, and can return in many cases, for example, if you are obese, if you don’t exercise, if you have flat feet and you are not using shoes for sciatica problems, etc. But the tips I have mentioned above can help you in fighting back with it and have a normal life for you.






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Say No Returning to Sciatica Pain – Helpful Remedies

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