Sexual Harassment Sweeping Through The Nation’s Capital

Sexual Harassment Sweeping Through The Nation’s Capital : #MeToo has focused attention in many industries, beginning with the movies. As more women come forward, the scope and breadth of harassment have focused the nation on a form of assault legally known as ‘forcible touching.”

The majority of Forcible Touching and Sexual Assault offenses are misdemeanors. Nevertheless, in some cases, these violations are felony offenses. And, often Forcible Touching and Sexual Abuse abuses may spark Sex Offender status and demand filing with the Sexual Offender Registry.

Register conditions are difficult,  which include:

  • Regular recording of residency;
  • Advising law enforcement of address changes
  • Updating pictures taken at by local law enforcement

A Pair Of Accusations

Rachel Crooks and Samantha Holvey may never have met. Through destiny or fate, they became partners at the center of a political storm over sexual misconduct which reaches into The Oval Office.

Both ladies have accused Trump of inappropriate advances, forcible touching among the accusations. A film producer recently brought the two females together at a private dinner in Manhattan.

Hollywood producer Robert Greenwald and his colleague Shira Levine, filmmakers with Brave New Films, compiled clips of 16 women making a range of allegations against Trump. When it was posted on the Internet, the video went viral. The women reunited recently for an appearance on NBC’S “Megyn Kelly Today show.

Touching and Sexual Abuse
Touching and Sexual Abuse

USDA On The Mall

Rosetta Davis was one of the employees recently listening to a presentation, but she was unlike the others. She couldn’t stay still for the talk about USDA being a pleasant workplace. The emotional toil of sexual harassment left her with the feeling the agency couldn’t be bothered.

During the program, which was televised to agency field offices across the nation, Davis took the stage and told her colleagues how she was sexually harassed on the job. When Davis spoke out to put an end to the forcible touching and other sexual harassment, she was transferred to a different division. She complained again and was moved again.

Speaking out, Davis told the audience, “I need help.”

USDA declined to comment on the “incident.”

For Davis, mutual respect is now a foreign idea at USDA. She is on a forced sabbatical now but looks forward to improvement, if she returns to work.

“Prayerfully,” said Davis. “I hope it will be better.”

Clarence Thomas

Thomas was accused of sexual harassment amidst his 1991 confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Anita Hill, a long time employee who worked with Thomas, accused the potential jurist of sexual harassment including his continual talk of porn and forcible touching.

On February 20, 2018, Newsweek Magazine reported another accuser had come forward.

Moira Smith, was 24 when she was invited to attend a dinner party with Thomas. “I was excited to meet him. He was charming in many ways,” wrote Smith. “To my absolute shock, he felt me while I was sitting next to him.”

Journalist Jill Abramson, author of “Strange Justice: The Selling of Clarence Thomas” claims Thomas perjured himself during the confirmation hearing.

“Thomas lied to the committee when he denied he had made sexual comments to Hill or any other women,” Abramson said. “The evidence he had perjured himself was overwhelming.”

Attitudes are changing in America. It may be decades before everything is shaken out and social guidelines are developed and then accepted.

From all appearances, change needs to stop beginning at the highest levels of Government.





Sexual Harassment Sweeping Through The Nation’s Capital

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