Signs That Tell You That Your Relationship Is Over

Signs That Tell You That Your Relationship Is Over : Are you facing difficulties in your relationship that you can’t make heads or tails out of? Wondering if it’s time to call it quits? Read this to gain some perspective.

The most solid and long-lasting relationship can come under stress when you have to go through stressful phases in life like the pandemic we are going through. So under such circumstances, it is not uncommon for you to question your relationship, especially when you have to stay under the same roof for months on end.

If you are struggling with a particularly taxing relationship, a few considerations will help you realize if the relationship has passed the salvage point. So please read on below to find out a few conditions that might signal to you that maybe it is time to call it quits.

Sharing Even Good News Seems Like A Burden

There will always be some good news that you feel like sharing with a particular group of friends first, as they probably were linked to the situation. But if there is no news or updates that you feel are worth sharing with your partner, then perhaps things are just not where they should be.

Perhaps you think your partner won’t care about what you share, or the good news feels irrelevant to your relationship. You might also think that your partner doesn’t know you enough anymore to care about what’s going on in your life. Either way, it’s a sign that things need to change.

Not Agreeing On The Source Of The Troubles

To start towards a solution to a problem, you first need to identify the problem together. This can be easily achieved if you are taking counseling from a professional who will help you determine what the roots of the issues are.

In the process, however, if you keep blaming each other as the source of the problem,  it won’t be possible for you both to reach a common ground. And without that happening, you won’t be able to start your journey towards eradicating your issues.

You’re Staying In The Relationship For The Wrong Reasons

You may be tempted to continue in a dysfunctional relationship for a few reasons. They might include avoiding the hassle of moving out, financial security, fear of entering the dating scene again or disrupting your children’s lives.

But the main reason that compels you to stay on in a relationship is the relationship itself, the bond, and the love that the two of you feel for each other. If you are adding more factors to why you should be staying together, other than the main reason, then probably there are more reasons why you should call it quits.

You Are Extra Nice To Each Other

If you see that you are maintaining superficial civility with your partner that is completely detached from your stable relationship, that indicates that things are not going right. If your interactions lack emotion or are just making small talk, devoid of feeling, then the problem is more significant than you think. Your partner shouldn’t feel like just another acquaintance or your roommate.

If you don’t feel the intense emotional attachment you once shared and see that it has been replaced by vague civility, it might be time to move on. An uncontested divorce is probably the most hassle-free way to end your dysfunctional marriage and move on towards a more peaceful life.

Trust Doesn’t Seem To Be Present Anymore

The foundation for any committed relationship has to have trust. Without trust, any relationship starts to fall out from love. Trust is a very delicate factor, and each couple has their way of maintaining it. If trust is breached, then salvaging the relationship becomes tough.

Both the partners need to work together to fix broken trust. Both must equally be committed to mitigating the issues that lead to trust being lost. If that cannot be achieved, the relationship will be almost impossible to salvage.

You Look For Ways To Not Spend Time Together

When things go wrong, you don’t want to spend time or hang around with the person you aren’t getting along with. This is what can prompt you to start making up excuses not to be together. Also, you look for other things to do solo that does not involve your partner.

You begin to spend more time apart. Dreading to spend time with your partner is a situation that would prompt many questions about the state of your relationship.

Not Laughing Together Anymore

Being able to laugh together and sharing a sense of humor is an easy sign of a strong relationship.

If you can laugh together, you have a special connection and a bond that allows you to enjoy their company. Being with that person reduces your stress and brings joy to both your lives. But if you find that you are no longer able to laugh together anymore or enjoy each other’s company, you should seriously be considering the future of your relationship.

Growing Resentment

There can be resentment over many issues when you are walking side by side in a relationship. Having resentment isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if you don’t feel enough to want to work towards dealing with that resentment, then that could undoubtedly threaten your relationship.

Ego sometimes clouds the judgment of many people, making them hold onto resentment. Then there is the case of the other person not changing the behavior that is causing the resentment. That would create a dead end as well for your relationship.


Even strong relationships fall apart over time, significantly when the partners’ goals differ from each other. If you both want different things from life, it becomes nearly impossible to coincide. There is only so much compromise that you can allow in your lifetime.

However, if you want to salvage your relationship, then be proactive and take some steps to save your marriage. If not, then the warning signs we have mentioned above should indicate that the relationship needs a new direction. So tread carefully and make the right decision for your life ahead.






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Signs That Tell You That Your Relationship Is Over

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