Small Space, Big Gains: How to Create a Home Gym in a Limited Area

Small Space, Big Gains: How to Create a Home Gym in a Limited Area : Hey, fitness nomads! Are you bored of going to the gym and spending half of the time travelling? Well, exercise is no exception when it comes to achieving fitness goals. Instead of skipping the gym, build a home gym where you can workout regularly without fail.

But don’t just rush to add heavy, bulky equipment that has no use-rather, use your small space wisely by choosing smart home gym equipment in Australia, and focus on the type of workout you need to achieve a toned body. These simple hacks save you plenty of space, time, and most importantly, money. So, are you excited to create your gym? Let’s dive in.

Easy Hacks for Home Gym Setup: Space Utilisation and Equipment

The trickiest part of setting up a home gym is what equipment to add and what to avoid. Do I need to set up a big space, or fewer types of enough to do a whole-body workout? Put a pause on all your questions and focus on what type of exercise you want to do and how much space you have. A creative way to set up a small space in a home gym is to use smart gym equipment for the home. To help you make decisions wisely without filling your space, here are a few tips and tricks.

  1. Resistance bands

    A resistant band is an ideal replacement for dumbbells and kettlebells, specifically the workout you do with cables. For Instance, with a resistance band, you can do dumbbell curls, shoulder workouts, bicep workouts, leg exercises, and even chest exercises. All you need is an anchor-based resistance band, which you can hang at your door or anywhere to get maximum resistance and do your workout. Guess what? All you need is you and the band; there is no need to fill your space.

    No Resistant Band? No Problem! Try Unitree Pump!

    If you are looking for a smart resistant band that gives maximum benefits or allows you to do a complete body workout, Unitree Pump is the right solution. It comes with an anchor, extension rope, pull rope, anchor fixing accessory, storage bag, suction cup, built-in motor, and access to quick start guide app. It is portable, easy to carry, and doesn’t consume your space. The simple device provides the benefit of a whole-body workout you do with heavy equipment. It would be a great home gym equipment in Australia to build your small exercise room.

    Unitree Pump
    Unitree Pump
  2. Compact Cardio Equipment

    Besides muscle targets, cardio is best to shed extra weight and make your body lean. Depending on the home space, it is great to compact cardio equipment such as a mini stepper, foldable rowers, and elliptical, which are ideal options to add to your small space gym.

  3. Yoga Mat

    A small home gym is incomplete without a yoga mat. This is one great piece for callisthenics, stretching, and yoga. If you are using resistance bands, the mat becomes your resistance band workout partner. Most importantly, it doesn’t consume space: simply fold it up and keep it anywhere easily.

  4. Ankle Weights

    Ankle Weights are great home gym equipment in Australia to do bodyweight exercise. It helps to do LEG lifts, donkey kicks, and glute workouts. Ankle Weight is an excellent addition to target glutes and leg muscles and is even helpful to do pilates workouts. For added benefits, get an Ankle weight that can easily pair with the resistant band, allowing you to build a home gym. Most importantly, it doesn’t consume much space and provides you with maximum benefits of the leg workout you do with barbell rods, dumbbells, and other equipment. It saves you plenty of money and space to create your home gym.

  5. Adjustable Bench

    If you are using a resistance band or Unitree pump to do chest presses and tricep dips, add an adjustable bench. An adjustable bench allows you to change your sitting position by adjusting the height and angle. This would be great gym equipment for home as it doesn’t consume much space and works as an alternative to regular workout benches.

  6. Mirror and Bean Bag

    A small home gym is incomplete without a mirror and bean bag. Use your corner space nicely and add a bean bag here to sit calmly in between the workout rest time. Again , it doesn’t consume your space and looks fabulous in the corner. In addition to this you can use a small mirror to fit in your space to do the workout. A hanging mirror would be an excellent addition to your small home gym setup.


Here you go! Building a home gym allows you to workout consistently without skipping the gym. The home gym gives you comfort and privacy helping you to achieve body goals without adding heavy and pricy home gym equipment in Australia. We hope our Unique idea helps you set up your gym and allow you to exercise nicely. Followup for more updates.



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Small Space, Big Gains: How to Create a Home Gym in a Limited Area

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