The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Yoga Mat

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Yoga Mat : Yoga is one of the exercises that doesn’t need too much equipment. Just a yoga mat, and you can be able to practice from anywhere. Choosing the perfect mat can be challenging to some hence guidelines are essential. The below points will help you select the best mat for your daily yoga practice.

Why is a yoga mat better than a bare floor or grass?

Maybe you wonder if it is possible to do yoga without a mat, and the answer is yes. However, some disadvantages come with doing yoga on a bare floor or grass. It is always vital to understand the benefits of a mat before starting your practice. The below points explain why you should consider using a mat when doing yoga.

It’s hygienic

Sometimes the floor contains germs and sticky substances due to stepping and other activities. It is for these reasons that people are advised to use yoga mats. You don’t want to spend the entire practice feeling disgusted due to dirty grass or floor, instead buy yourself a mat and see how easy it gets.

Safe to use

We all know that the grass contains stones and other objects that can damage your skin during yoga. Therefore, to feel safe, it’s crucial to have a yoga mat that is able to protect you from any injuries. You can always purchase a Large yoga mat or extra wide yoga mat that will give you full coverage when practicing.


At the time, the ground can be slippery or hard, hindering smooth practice. This is why owning a will help you to focus and do yoga styles comfortably without struggles. We recommend you buy the non-slip yoga mat that is also best and can help in such situations.

Choosing the perfect yoga mat
Choosing the perfect yoga mat

How thick do you need a yoga mat?

As a beginner, you might be having trouble trying to figure out the perfect thickness for a yoga mat. At times it is hard to tell if it’s thick or thin; that’s why you can try to do yoga on it to determine. Suppose you feel like your legs and hands are touching the surface, then it’s too thick. The best measurement is always between (4-6mm) which is not too thin or thick, just perfect for practice.

Where do you use your yoga mat mostly?

Yoga mats are made with two sides, the one that should be on top and the other bottom. At times it becomes hard to know which side to use. Although there are things or features you can look at that indicate where to use the mat. Mainly you can check the shinier side or a logo that is supposed to be on top. Also, when using a mat from the yoga studio, always use the faded parts since it is obvious the top side.

How to maintain your yoga mat

Most people wonder what the best way to maintain a yoga mat to last long is. Well, there are various methods to keep your mat in good shape. One is to use a wet cloth with soap and water, then clean your mat on both sides and let it dry. Another method is to mix water and vinegar when cleaning, then leave the mat outside to dry. Essential oils are also a substance used to clean the yoga mat using a spray bottle. These cleaning methods will increase your mat’s durability and provide you with hygiene.


Always ensure to choose a yoga mat that suits your own needs. The best way to have a smooth practice is if you consider having the best mat that contains all the requirements you need.




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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Yoga Mat

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