Specimen Collection and Logistics

Specimen Collection and Logistics : Medical Specimens are more than just a normal delivery – they are the lifeblood for someone needy. Health network systems and hospitals use courier services to transport the biological specimen of the patients from one place to clinical laboratories in another.

The complexity of transportation requires an adequate system of monitor and control, hospital accreditation requirements, and an error-free process. The expertise of specimen logistics for laboratories comes into play when a lab test is ordered.

This process requires technical expertise, proper specimen collection, and effective logistics. Specimen collection development requires companies to think outside the box to address the challenges that are triggered during the process.

Specimen Logistics Process

  • Customized Instructions

    The instructions are vital and are often handed out as a questionnaire. These instructions are essential as they contain the necessary delivery instructions and what to do with the specimen along with the network system of the delivery. These instructions contain the shipping guides, transport instructions and regulations, and CDC instructions.

  • Shipping Guides

    These guides contain vital instructions for handling dangerous goods, complimentary supplies such as screw-top tubes to protect the specimen from leaking, courier pick-up, packaging according to the type of specimen and temperature requirement, and shipping information. This also includes rules and regulations regarding shipping from the Federal authorities such as International Civil Aviation Administration (ICAA), Transportation Safety Administration (TSA), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

  • Dangerous Goods Training

    According to the United States law, any person dealing with the transport of dangerous goods like medical specimen need to follow specific regulations and must have proof of training. After completion of the training, a basic online assessment needs to be taken by the delivery agents, and they should be able to describe the imposed regulations and classify the infectious specimen that they are transporting.

  • Transport Instructions

    Transportations of medical specimen require additional permission from the Department of Transportation as this comes under the category of Dangerous Goods. The instructions are highly required as the specimen may lose its value if it becomes too hot or too cold. The specimen needs to arrive at the testing facility at the correct temperature without any leakage, and the delivery needs to be done in the shortest possible time.

  • CDC instruction

    The transport of medical specimens requires a permit from the United States Centre for Disease Control (CDC) because a medical specimen is categorized under dangerous goods. The permit needs to go with the delivery after printing it out.

  • Transport Regulations

    The Federal and International agencies have specified various laws and regulations regarding the transport of dangerous goods, and the logistics company needs to follow these regulations efficiently.

  • Instructions from Phlebotomist

    These instructions include specimen integrity, packaging specimen, which includes color-coded biohazard bags and temperature-coded packaging, preparing the Styrofoam, packing the refrigerated specimen and containers, and completing the final delivery.


Efficient specimen logistics for laboratories requires adequate software and management to integrate effectiveness and proper delivery. Medical specimen logistics require the industries to focus on their core strengths and take efficient decisions that affect the quality of patient care, prevent significant errors like leakages and loss of temperatures, and assure accreditation standards.





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