Table Tennis Reviews 2020

Table Tennis Reviews 2020
Table Tennis Reviews 2020

Table Tennis Reviews 2020 : Whether you are a professional ping pong player or you just want something to add to your list of recreation and entertainment at home, this guide will give you the best table tennis reviews.

There are many options to choose from and it could be overwhelming sometimes. There are many manufacturers and many stores that supply different types of ping pong tables and choosing the right one is crucial.

Depending on what your needs are, you could be wanting an outdoor table, an indoor table, or one you can use both outside and inside, or you want to get one for your kids, you have to put some thought into it.

Who wouldn’t want a cool, relaxing, ping pong game to unwind after a long, stressful day at work? This calls for you to get a table tennis table to add to your game room, or your garden outside for you to enjoy with your friends and family.

Different ping pong tables come with different sizes, colors and features. Here are some of the important things to know while comparing ping pong tables.

4 Things to Look for in a Ping Pong Table

While hunting for a best ping pong table, it is important to first know what exactly you are looking for and who will be using the table. That way, you wouldn’t get confused during your search.

Here are 4 most important features to look out for while searching for your ping pong table

  1. The surface

    Check the tables to see how thick the play surface is. Typically, a decent thickness should range from ½” to 1” in thickness. Anything less than that will warp and wear out easily and fast. They are also not great for ball bounce.

    The way the surface is constructed is another thing to be concerned about. Most of them are made with particle boards. Opt for the ones that are medium density to allow better ball bouncing. They also have a higher resin percentage and resist warp.

  2. The material of play surface

    There are surfaces made of wood and others of aluminum. This depends on where you will set up your table. Wooden tables are good for indoors, but you might want to go for aluminum ones if you are setting up outside.

    This is because aluminum is a great weather resistant. The surface is usually made of wood and then coated with aluminum. They will also increase longevity by resisting warping and wearing out.

  3. Assembling

    Not in many cases you will order for a table that you can’t assemble. But it is possible to get stuck during the assembling process.

    Most table tennis tables come about half assembled so make sure you check what you are needed to assemble your table. Some of them come with the tools required to finish assembling alongside a detailed instructional manual. Make use of them.

  4. Fold and storage

    You might want to go for those that are foldable, they are great. They take up small storage spaces, and are easy to move around and carry.

Top 3 Ping Pong Tables

Budget is not so high and wants the best ping pong table then you might take a look at these three ping pong tables which we have found for you. As we have given you instructions about how you can choose your table. You can select one of them which will be best for you.
After reading the above instructions you might be able to choose the best ping pong table for yourself. However, we have found the three best ping pong table under 500, you can check these out and can select any of them.
    • Stiga Advantage indoor table

      The Stiga brand is one of the top-rated manufactures and most of their products have 5-star reviews.

      Just like the name suggests, Stiga Advantage indoor table is for indoor sport. It comes with different colors and 95% assembled and is easy to complete assembling with the manual. You can also easily attach and remove the net when necessary.

      The table is ITTF approved and is used in tournaments. It has great locking wheels, has independent and completely separate table halves, and 3 lockable casters for easy setup and storage. This allows for a great playback position for solo play as well.

    • Joola NOVA DX indoor/outdoor table

      JOOLA NOVA DX creeps up close to Stiga Advantage. This one has great features that allow it to be used in-door or outdoor. It comes with a waterproof net set and aluminum surface for outdoor play.

      The table is ITTF approved, which means it can also be used in tournaments. It is resistant to warping and rust, comes with a 2 piece table that stands completely independently on 4 wheels each which makes setup, transport and storage easy.

      You can easily fold up one of the halve pieces for solo play. It also comes with adjustable leg levelers that can easily be used on any surface.

    • Outdoor Champ 5

      Outdoor Champ 5 is made by Kettler, a German manufacturer company. It is not approved by ITTF but is great if you just want to have some fun with friends and family.

      It is made with weatherproof ALU-TEC composite panel to resist harsh weather elements, has an adjustable height fitted net, a ball holder, rubber coated 4 steerable wheels that tilt too, and can be folded for easy movement and storage.

      It is easy to set up, and the foldable table allows play-back position for solo play.








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Table Tennis Reviews 2020

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