KINDRA - Natural ways to relieve menopause mood swings
KINDRA - Natural ways to relieve menopause mood swings
KINDRA - Natural ways to relieve menopause mood swings
KINDRA - Natural ways to relieve menopause mood swings
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Must Haves for School

With autumn fast approaching, it’s time to think about all stylish must-haves for school! For many people, fall has a strong association with the start of a new school year. So if you are going to shop for new clothes, here is a list of stylish must-haves for school you should definitely buy!

Picking the Perfect Heels

If you’ve always had a hard time buying the perfect heels you should definitely take a look at these awesome tips. Many women don’t wear heels, because they think that they are uncomfortable and pointless. Ladies, let’s face the truth, men love heels on women! Below is the list of 9 fabulous tips that you should definitely check out!

Style and Beauty Trends That Men Hate

Sometimes men can be very picky and perhaps they have a really long list called ‘style and beauty trends that men hate.’ But, don’t worry! If you like it, then wear it! Sure, listen to your man’s opinion, but keep in mind that often guys just don’t know what they want! Even though this is a list of style and beauty trends that men don’t like, if you love it, go ahead and rock it!

Biggest Romance Killers

When you are in a long-term relationship, it’s important to know all the romance killers. Unfortunately, many couples do them without even realizing it. So if you feel the romance between you and your partner is fading, here are some biggest romance killers you should avoid.

Wearing High Waisted Denim Shorts

Denim shorts can be brilliant or boring, depending on how you wear them. To get the most beautiful outfit possible, while still wearing high waisted shorts that flatter your body type, take a look at these amazing tips for wearing high waisted denim shorts. They really do work!

Planning a Beautiful Fall Wedding

Fall is the most beautiful and romantic period for getting married. Winter is too cold, summer is too hot, and spring can bring some allergy problems. I think fall is the perfect time to plan a wedding. Personally I want to get married in the fall, because the weather is crisp, and the fall colors are breathtaking! If you are planning to have your wedding in the fall, here are some splendid tips for planning a beautiful fall wedding!

Day to Night Dresses Every Woman Should Have

Day to night dresses are very versatile and I think every woman should have them in her wardrobe. It can be difficult to find dresses that can transition from day to night, but it’s a smart way to be stylish on a budget. When looking at day to night dresses, be sure to stick to pared-down and polished styles. Here are a few day to night dresses you should have in your wardrobe!

Signs Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Like Your Dressing Style

It may be difficult to know that your boyfriend doesn’t like your dress style, especially if he always tells you that you look amazing. This is a really hard situation, because he can’t tell you openly that you look bad in a certain dress. That’s why you need to know these signs your boyfriend doesn’t like your dressing style.

Sensual Perfumes for Women

If you are looking for the sensual perfumes for women, I’ve compiled a list of the perfumes for women that are sensual, subtle and unfold right on your skin! These are just some of the wonderful sensual perfumes that are out there!

How to Dress Better

Tips for dressing better are the hot topic today! I’m not going to encourage you to buy more things so put your credit cards away! I want to share a few ways to dress better you will be able to use immediately!

Perfect Wedding Color Combinations

Choosing wedding color combinations is one of the most stressful parts of planning a wedding. A color scheme to your wedding will set the overall mood of the big day, that’s why it’s so important to choose the right wedding color scheme. Here is a list of 7 perfect wedding color combinations you may want to try.

Styling Tips for Short Women

If you are a short woman, then you have some advantages in the fashion world. Sometimes it can be difficult for a tall woman to find clothing, especially the fashionable clothes for the season. You can just add some length to a skirt or a pair of pants by letting down the hemline, and you can take up your pants or your skirt as much as you need to get the perfect fit. If you’re a short woman, your aim is to create the illusion of length. You can do it by tricking the eye using some fashion techniques. Check out a few best styling tips for short women!

Tips for Choosing Shoes for Children

Tips for Choosing Shoes for Children : Buying shoes for kids can be a nightmare, but it’s really important for your child to have the right shoes to avoid some foot problems later in life. Your child’s feet will change quickly as she/he grows. There are many things to consider when buying shoes for children and I’ve got a list of some useful tips for choosing shoes for kids.

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