Wearing High Waisted Denim Shorts

Denim shorts can be brilliant or boring, depending on how you wear them. To get the most beautiful outfit possible, while still wearing high waisted shorts that flatter your body type, take a look at these amazing tips for wearing high waisted denim shorts. They really do work!

Tips for Wearing High Waisted Denim Shorts

1. Wear wedges

Pair your high waisted denim shorts with a 2-4 inch pair of wedges and your legs will achieve dimension and length. While high waisted shorts create an illusion of longer legs, when you wear wedges, you are creating even more length and definition. I like neutral colored wedges since they do not cause too many focus on my feet and they go well with all colors. I recommend you to choose a neutral color that will help to enhance the length of your legs. Keep in mind that black and bright colors will make you look stocky rather than long and lean.

2. Wear your shorts with a white blouse

Another great way to wear high waisted denim shorts is with a white blouse. Some of the best options are collared, cotton varieties. A simple white blouse will help achieve a fashionable, sexy look and you’ve got an outfit that’s also a classic! I love a white long sleeve button-down blouse or quarter-length sleeve blouse that has a cute collar. And you?

3. With a cute little slim belt

A cute little slim belt is one of the best ways to accessorize your high waisted denim shorts! Since high waisted shorts are usually worn with a shirt or blouse tucked in, wearing a belt is a must! Choose a neutral color like beige or tan, or even a vibrant color such as turquoise or tangerine! The options are endless and a woman can never have too many cute belts!

4. Wear with a tank top

If you are looking to dress down with your high waisted shorts, this tip is for you! Wear your high waisted denim shorts with a casual and colorful tank top. Wearing a colorful tank top is a wonderful way to draw a person’s eyes upward, which helps to enhance your figure and elongate your legs. If you are going somewhere special, you can choose a dressy tank.

5. With a tunic

If you are anything like me and you like tunic style shirts, you are lucky! The long-sleeved, airy feel tunics are excellent for summer season when you don’t want to wear a short sleeve shirt or tank top. Although you will not tuck a long tunic in, you will still see the bottom part of your shorts. This will make your legs look really long and lean! Pair your high waisted denim shorts with long tunic, some Boho style jewellery and some cute wedge heels or flats, and you will look stylish and feel comfortable!

6. Opt for a higher neckline

Another way to wear your high waisted denim shorts is with a higher neckline. A high waist plus a low neckline create a short upper body effect, which make you look stocky. Wearing the high waisted shorts with a high neckline will elongate your upper body and will make you look much taller and leaner. Button up a collared shirt before the last button, which you can leave unbuttoned.

7. Wear some cute jewellery

If you wear high waisted denim shorts, make sure you add some cute jewellery, preferably accessorizing earrings and a longer necklace. Classic gold watches or bangle bracelets are another excellent accessory to high waisted denim shorts. You will look classy, yet stylish.

I adore high waisted denim shorts and with these tips I always look stylish and sexy! Do you like the high waisted denim styles? How do you wear your high waisted denim shorts? Share your thoughts, please.


Wearing High Waisted Denim Shorts