Ways to Teach a Toddler Numbers

Are you looking for ways to teach your toddler numbers? Then look no further because I know many wonderful ways! As a mom, there are many important things that you should teach your child. Teaching numbers is very important, though many children are resistant to learning numbers. I think that’s because they are not being taught in a fun way. Here are a few wise ways to teach a toddler numbers.

Wise Ways to Teach a Toddler Numbers

1. Make number pictures

Making number pictures tops this list of ways to teach a toddler numbers because this is a very fun activity to do! Write a number on a piece of paper and ask your little one to create a picture that corresponds to it. For example, if you write the number 1, they can draw one circle or something like that. You can even assemble your number pictures into the number books!

2. Number matching game

Another fun way to teach a toddler numbers is to play a number matching game. First of all, write out numbers on two sets of index cards or squares of paper and then have your toddler match the numbers together. Be sure to name the numbers as they match them. Or, write out numbers on one set and draw the amount of items corresponding to every number and have your kid match the picture cards to the number cards.

3. Hunt for the numbers

Scavenger hunt is an excellent way to teach number recognition. Write the numbers on piece of paper and place them randomly around your child’s room. Your toddler has to hunt for the numbers and tell you the names of every number they find. You can even send your child on a hunt to find “two books” or “three crayons.”

4. Number jump

When the weather is fine, why not go outside and teach your child numbers? Use sidewalk chalk to write numbers on the ground and have your child hop from number to number, saying each number loud as they land on them.

5. Guess a number

I really like this way and I’m definitely going to use it to teach my little one numbers! Try this activity and have your child guess the number based on clues. For example, you can say, “I come before the number six and after the number four. Guess, what number am I?”

6. Do jive for the numbers

Allow your toddler to do some jive for the numbers. Say a number and have your child do a dance that involves a certain movement that number of times. For example, if you say 4, they can shake their hips four times.

7. Grocery store learning

The next time you go to the grocery store, take your child with you and teach them numbers! Tell your child you need six apples and have them help you count the apples. Don’t forget to ask them to name the numbers hanging above the aisles you walk down.

8. Fun counting laundry

Even such a boring task as doing laundry can be turned into a number learning experience. Ask your child help you count the white shirts or pairs of socks as you fold them. It can be very interesting!

With these ways your toddler will have an understanding of numbers before they even enter preschool. Are you teaching your toddler numbers? Do you like these ways? Which one of them do you want to try? Share your thoughts, please.



Ways to Teach a Toddler Numbers